Worst Plastic Surgeries Ever!

Worst plastic surgeries ever! These before and after disaster celebrity fails gone horribly wrong in Hollywood. Worst procedures in the world.

Today we look at 16 of the worst plastic surgery fails. From lips to cheeks you won’t believe what people will do to their bodies.

pink monster lips
This is aspiring model Priscilla Caputo .It turns out her boyfriend was a plastic surgeon and performed the surgeries on her. She admitted that she “created a monster” and destroyed her natural beauty by going too far with plastic surgery. she says she cries when she see pictures of herself.
She hopes that her pictures serve as a warning to other women. You have been warned.

Ok I’m all for big b but have some sense of balance. I feel like you could rub those on your head and get some serious static hair action. Even the guy who’s taking a photo with her looks concerned. I once was at a nightclub and there was a girl with b’s like these dancing on a platform behind me and who innocently bounced them off my head.. it felt like being gently hit with two basketballs.

Farrah Abraham
This is Farrah Abraham from the Teen Mom TV show. She had a procedure done on her lips which had some complications.. She actually posted these pictures of herself on twitter. Apparently this is a lip implant which supposed to help avoid having to repeatedly get collagen injections. At least she has a good sense of humor about it. I was going to say she looks like Leela from Futurama but she beat me to it already comparing herself to the cartoon character.

Kristina Rei (puffy lips)
This is a Russian woman Kristina Rei. Growing up she felt her lips were too thin and she claims was made fun of for her looks. she also felt like jessica rabbit was the ideal shaped woman. This is her before shot and you can see she was a pretty girl. I can see that her upper lip was a little thin and maybe a small enhancement might have helped her appearance.. but Having 100 silicone injections she’s taken her lips to infinity and beyond. As you can see it looks like she’s left the jessica rabbit theme far behind.. Following the usual path of people who have excessive plastic surgery she’s still not satisfied. There is a deep wisdom in this video guys, as you’re sitting watching this, work on being grateful for where you are right here and right now!

thin nose
She has a beautiful face too bad shes got that michael jackson nose. How will she ever go do Nadi Shod-han pranayama (or alternate nostril breathing) in yoga? namaste bitches!

Vishal Thakkar
Think it’s just women getting plastic surgery? Nope This is Vishal Thakkar who got a nose job after getting divorced in 2006 in an attempt to look better. 22 surgeries later he’s breathing through a straw. The doctor realized he had an infection and made the decision to remove his nose. Vishal later sued the doctor.

upperlip spacer
another puffy lip girl. well her lips look bad but also this reminds me of something tony robbins said where he said a plastic surgeon told him that the space between your upper lip and your nose has a huge impact on how attractive you are. A difference of a few mm can be the difference between being beautiful or butt ugly.. He was talking about in the context of how tiny changes can make a huge impact on your life.. Let’s try it moving her face.. what do you think better?

beshine b’s
wow I thought the earlier job was bad but man oh man why.. This is a model named beshine.. Her b’s are triple z cups and according to her site she likes dancing, rollerblading, doing Sports..and reading I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even have to hold the book. and at least she never has to worry about drowning..

old b’s
Every wonder what implants look like when women get old.. me neither..
They sort of look like bubble wrap bubbles that might pop any moment.

Donatella Versace
This is donatello one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.. actually this is donatella versace whose older brother was Giovanni Verscae of the famous Versace fashion company..of which dontaella is now vice president.

Michaela Romanini
This is Michaela Romanini who is a socialite in italy sort of like the paris hilton of italy. Supposedly this is a before and after photo of her but I don’t buy it. I mean just because you have bad plastic surgery why would you stop plucking your eyebrows so you look like bert from seasame street? Although damn the nose does look very similar.

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