When Celebrities Treat Their Fans Like Trash

When Celebrities Treat Their Fans Like Trash
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21 Replies to “When Celebrities Treat Their Fans Like Trash”

  1. Salty Facts

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  2. elif gulalp

    we all have to remember that sometimes they have hard times and we should all remember that they are human aswell and sometimes they can be on a hurry or they can be in a bad mood so can't be able to show you the love you want or can't take a picture. we should respect them and their privacy so they can respect us.

  3. john hopson

    You guys didn't born celebrity God feel pity, he knew that you guys will be homeless so…. don't be so proud of that, your day also will come

  4. Sophia Rollick

    Justin is actually so nice to his fans, those girls had that coming becuase he asked them politely and they would not stop…

  5. jam bam

    I know that just becuz theyre celebs doesn’t mean that they have to take pics with them all the time or share everything with them they also want privacy or rest

  6. WarLead2792

    Celebrities aren't obliged to take a photo with you. They are normal people just like you or me. Introduce yourself, ask for a picture, if they say no, respect it. Give them they space. Leave them alone. If you're at a show and they touch or shake your hand. Don't grab them and pull them in, you retards.


    Btw gue juga ada idola, tpi ga ampe histeris banget like "dikasih kentutpun mau" trus kalo jumpa pun like "omg, gue liat dngn mata gue sndiri" kalo ga rame dn mnurut gue bisa nyamperin dan lagi sans juga situasinya gue coba, kalo gue rasa udh bakal ada penolakan oke fine noproblm. Tpi kalo prilaku artisnya udh kek "eh lu Budak/pengemis gausah deh deket2 gue" atau apalah sok banget gitu. I'm done with him. Brrti dia cuman jago direkam. In real life dia bener2 faktap person untuk lo kagumi bahkan temenin.

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