What Popular K-Pop Stars Looked Like Before And After Surgery

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Seoul is the unofficial plastic surgery capital of the world, with The New Yorker reporting that as many as one in three South Korean women have gone under the knife. The city even has an “Improvement Quarter” where there are reportedly as many as 500 clinics within a square mile.The nation’s obsession with surgery is largely due to its music scene, where cosmetic enhancements have become the norm. Here’s what some K-Pop celebs looked like before the plastic surgery…

Hyomin from T-ARA | 0:27
Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls | 1:04
Six Bomb | 1:36
Shindong from Super Junior | 2:15
Uee from After School | 2:45
Hwang Chi Yeul | 3:28
Hara from KARA | 3:59

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20 Replies to “What Popular K-Pop Stars Looked Like Before And After Surgery”

  1. kat travels

    Atleast they contributing to make earth a better place to live by shoving all that plastic in their faces 😆😆

    Just saying 😋😶

  2. JokeRmakesPie

    Well, if a pretty girl has a bad character that pretty girl will age into someone who is nasty. I want a person whose character aligns with mine not someone who is "pretty". Besides, I find people beautiful friends of mine find ugly. Everyone has their own way of seeing beauty.

  3. Ahmedoo

    If you would ask a celebrity in Hollywood: „Did you get your lips done? they are so big.“ she will say no ist just the new haircolor…

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