Top 5 Dark Secrets Hollywood is Trying to Hide

Top 5 Dark Secrets Hollywood is Trying to Hide // Subscribe:

You probably already know this, but Hollywood is not what is may seem on the outside. The dark underbelly of the glitz and glam is full of secrets that Hollywood doesn’t want exposed. Rumour has it that Golden Globe, Emmy or Oscar always went to the performer with the most merit, but we need only look at the 2016 “#OscarsSoWhite” controversy for proof that this isn’t always true. Other examples of this notion could include judges accepting a bribe, or when a high profile actor may be enjoying a “hot streak.”

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13 Replies to “Top 5 Dark Secrets Hollywood is Trying to Hide”

  1. jess jesse

    2: to manny lies teachingby church + gossipung tv + gossiping magazines+ liars bancs ! It everywhere lies! Break down lies clean out of shitty missery!

  2. jess jesse

    1: hollywood = pedophilewood! 2: place for gayactors! 3: transgendersactors secrets4: rapistproducers5: how they teach you lies & filthy deeds! Easy sum dude!

  3. Anna Fowdy

    Good thing Adele threw away her ticket to the place where all the demons go. (That's a reference to a song she wrote with Sia)

  4. H3adHunt3r

    Fun fact: Even after about a week after the revelation of Weinstein being a sexual predator who molested and sexually assaulted so many women for decades, Hillary still called Weinstein her "friend". On a second note, Hillary is still married to Bill Clinton who is also a sexual predator. On a third note, she also defended a child predator who raped a 12 year old girl and accused the girl for being responsible for It.

  5. chantoya17

    #5 isn't dark or a secret. The average joe can tell that insustry politics play a major role in who wins what awards.

    And where is sexual abuse and pedophilia???

  6. Mackenzie Esslin

    Animal abuse so sad and sexual assault and harassment isn’t okay but it’s so typical to see that it is hidden 🙄

  7. Matt R

    The movie industry is filled with hypocrites and SJWs that are using their image and brand to cover their tracks in other stuff like crime.

  8. Caitlin Breanna

    I watched Milo and Otis growing up.

    I watched it recently and researched a bit, and I was devastated learning about the animal abuse

  9. Zahra Hossainian

    Hollywood is one entire shitfest. Paedophilia, sexual harassment, sexual assault, racism and abuse have surrounded the business since it first began. God knows how many other things have happened that have been covered up by fixers

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