Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Like the Young Version of Iconic Actors

Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Like the Young Version of Iconic Actors // Subscribe:

It’s crazy that these celebrities aren’t related! For this list, we’ll be looking at celebs that bare an uncanny resemblance to the thespians of yesteryear. Emma Stone looks just like the young Sally Field! Lee lee Sobieski looks so much like the young Helen Hunt! If you compare Ian Somerhalder & the young Rob Lowe you’ll be blown away!

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29 Replies to “Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Like the Young Version of Iconic Actors”

  1. Amy Lauren

    Sebastian Stan & Mark Hamill … not really but Sebastian Stan and David Charvet 150%!! Sebastian is David's Doppelganger for sure!!


    Bale and Brolin……Hmmmm….I never thought of it, but now that you show that profile shot of Brolin, I totally get it….Yeah, the eyes, and facial expression, so similar….in the same way I have always thought Christian resembles George Harrison…..and even more so, really…..He really resembles Lillie Langtry a lot to, his great, great aunt….. ..Redford and Pitt….Hamill and Stan….Yeah, those are no brainers, for sure, haha…. Twins!…. Cheers…

  3. Christina Smith

    I don't think you know what look alike means. A look alike is suppose to look exactly like the other person with very little differences. Plus Robert Downey Jr. makes a better Chaplain, hell I almost believed he was the iconic silent star.

  4. William Palma

    Ian Somerhalder doesn't looks like Rob Lowe,but wow Debra Messing.. she for real looks like Lucille Ball. James Franco and James Dean for sure they looks like..

  5. Psk Dasanayake

    80 's actor Michael Des Barres and Tom Hiddleston ??? Both are British and known for their iconic villain roles while Tom bears such a resemblance to Michael in his youth .

  6. A LO

    Now I understand why I had it so bad for Ian Somerhalder (& why he looked familiar)…..back in the day, I had a massive crush on Rob Lowe.

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