Top 10 Awkward Celebrity Moments Caught On Film

Celebrities even have awkward moments and photos caught on camera, live. These cringe worthy celeb photos would embarrass anyone.

These are the top 10 awkward and embarrassing celebrity fan moments caught on film.

Welcome back interwebs, everyone has that one awkward family photo stashed away in fear that it might get into the wrong hands.
But when you’re a celebrity, it isn’t just your friends that take notice of your awkward photos, but the entire world.

#10 Nicholas Cage
This fan photo-op on the plane with Nicholas Cage caught the once respected leading man from amazing movies like Leaving Las Vegas and Kick Ass either sleepy, drunk or despondent over the last 3 shitty movie choices he’s made.

#09 Katy Perry
Katy perry looks extremely awkward as she points at a tattoo of herself on the back of her fan realizing just how perilously close she came to touching back acne.

#08 Justin Bieber Grabs A Fan’s Boobie
In this awkward photo The Biebs grabbed a beliebers boob and I don’t know what’s more cringeworthy, that the average age of his audience is about 14 or that in this follow up pic she informed Justin that she thinks she just got pregnant.

#07 Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift does her best to smile in this fan photo-op where the young lady is clearly unhappy to be there. Maybe she’s a Kanye fan, ever think of that mom!

#06 Khloe Kardashian
I don’t kn ow what’s more awkward the fact that this fan thinks the Kardashians are worthy, or that he knows what the dandruff on the back of her leather jacket tastes like…or that during his excitement he left her a little gift on her pants leg.

#05 Rihanna Frightened By Fan
When a fan can get so close to you he can tell you what kind of shampoo you are wearing, is the moment you realize its time to fire your security.

#04 Russel Brand
Russel Brand leaned out to give a fan a big ol’ wet kiss on the lips, when at the last minute she did the head fake and gave him the cheek.
I completely understand. Remember, Russel once dated and kissed Katy Perry who at one time touched a fat back full of acne.

#03 Girard Butler
I relish images like this when someone so photogenic as Girard Butler takes a crappy picture.
Either he was just caught in a really bad moment, or some kind of prescription medication just began to take effect.

#02 Tom Cruise
its kind of hard to out crazy the king of crazy Tom Cruise, but this Asian dude who clearly doesn’t understand the concept of anti-perspirant does a mighty fine job.

#01 Bill Clinton
Former President and Cigar Afficionado Bill Clinton may no longer be running the country, but he’s still an honorary badge carrying FBI agent.

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