Tom Cruise’s Double Life Disappointed Everyone

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Almost everyone knows who Tom Cruise is … well, part of him. The Oscar-nominated actor has been a bonafide movie star for decades, but behind the curtain is a man whose personal woes seem to stand in direct contrast to his squeaky-clean superstardom. Here’s the rundown on the complicated double life led by one of Hollywood’s longest lasting A-listers…

Fearless hero? | 0:22
The Church of Scientology’s stronghold | 2:13
A geek in the streets | 3:37
The doting dad act | 4:49
Public feud alert | 5:48

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28 Replies to “Tom Cruise’s Double Life Disappointed Everyone”

  1. Gail Sutton

    hi, Tom, take care of yourself OK? it's been many years since the south Dakota summer. like to have made judging the CMA but was tied up.

  2. Rebecca Swanson

    He needs prayer. He needs Jesus Christ. My hope is that he will leave and bring this cult crashing down. I pray Suri will be protected by this cult.

  3. Eris D

    when tom cruise went postal on matt lauer he was inseparable from scientology head dodo david miscavige. thats who he was roleplaying in that interview. he was duplicating david miscavige who is a petty little prick that puts everyone around him down. miscavige is totally the scientology definition of a suppressive person and if tom cruise audited if miscavige was making him pts he would realize why his marriages have all been ruined and his reputation tarnished. miscavige is the evil being with evil purposes on tom cruise

  4. Jessy Rose

    It frustrates me. Today's media is looking for someone to slander, it just hurts them to see that it's so successful it just comes from jealousy

    All those who worked with him said he is super nice and funny and even Nicole Kidman said she still loved him and that he was very supportive of her

    Nobody is perfect Everyone make mistakes sometimes

    Tom's problem is that because he's so famous everyone sees his mistakes


    There is something intrinsically flawed about anyone who can be sucked into a cult. But, unfortunately, Cruise is not alone, and it isn't only Scientology. There are also Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, many other smaller right wing fundamentalist religions of both Christian and Muslim persuasion,. There are also political cults, but I won't go there here. Although, I will say that Scientology is a bit of a stand alone phenomenon because it seems to attract persons of otherwise normal to high intelligence.

  6. Tchinablue Khurvinus

    Tom Cruise , another Stupid , Idiot , soon ,he could be one of those stupid Suicide , maniacs , , still an Idiot , despite being a famous geek 🙃, stupid , guy , ,still an Idiot , 😁😛😜😝😛😜😝😝😜😛😱🤓

  7. Jim McDowell

    He loves Tom cruse probably jerks office I front of a mirror without Scientology he would be a vague memory selling out family for Scientology got him where he is today disgraceful.

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