The Video Hollywood Does Not Want You To See

A look inside the dark side of Hollywood we don’t see everyday.
Yes, we can feel pretty close to Hollywood at times – which comes across as being pretty magical and happy. At least on the surface. Beyond the red carpets and award shows, away from the theatres and drive-ins exists a side to Hollywood that many of us rarely hear about – or even knew existed. In fact, it’s a side so dark and so rarely mentioned that if you blink, you might just miss it. Come with us while we step behind the curtain and enter the VIP lounge of the elite clubs to show you a grittier and darker side to La La Land. It’s a realm where careers are made, lives are lost and childhood innocence is shattered.

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27 Replies to “The Video Hollywood Does Not Want You To See”

  1. Alicia Broden

    A media magnate named Johnny de Mol, his sister Linda de Mol, Peter van der Vorst(Director of RTL) encourage broken homes,sex exploitation,perversion, gamble/drug addiction, debts, prostitution, suicides etc. All three glorify the LGBT Community this fuels legalism of paedophilia!! Peter van der Vorst Director of RTL is gay this says enough!! Hollywood,media,politics,royals,religion are filthy devilish paedophiles!! Globally, this has long been underway!!

  2. Jason Denney

    Wake up ppl…If Hollywood did not want you to see this then YouTube google all of them would not let it post for you to see. This is all on purpose.

  3. Claire Peace

    OMG this must of gone on for decades ! Shirley Temple films are very uncomfortable ! What was wrong with her mother ? Let’s guess money and fame !! ☹️

  4. Skede Pikken

    GET TO THE FUCKING POINT WOMAN ! talking and talking and talkingand talking and talking and talkin ….GET TO THE POINT !

  5. Skede Pikken

    GET TO THE FUCKING POINT WOMAN ! talking and talking and talkingand talking and talking and talkin ….GET TO THE POINT !

  6. Disney Dreams Gacha ッ

    I want to be an actress, ive focused 2 years of my life on it and all these videos are making me rethink my dream.

    Im scared now 😬

  7. prettymochame just T

    they worship the devil and anyone famous has to participate in child abuse, transgenderism, eat feces and urine, drink blood, rape and torture children and babies, homosexual butt play, EAT BABIES AND CHILDREN AFTER TORTURING, RAPING AND SACRIFICING THEM TO SATAN.

  8. Paige 1996

    It’s either one of two things; the people in the industry can’t stand what they’ve done to achieve their fame and turn to drugs OR the people in the industry can’t stand what’s been done to them during their fame and so they turn to drugs. These people can’t sleep at need and are eventually taking downers to sleep and uppers to get up and do their jobs. And on top of it they glamorize it all.

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