The Dark Side Of Hollywood They Try To Hide

The Celebrity Fame Trap: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem
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In this video, we explore what the fame trap really is, everything from how paparazzi stalk the stars, to the crazy stories they spend to make a buck. We will see which stars, like Justin Bieber and Kanye West, may not be as bad as the press makes them out to be. We will also see how stars like Selena Gomez react to their own fame, and how it has taken over their lives. Plus, we’ll get into the history of the paparazzi and how sometimes staged photos with celebrities make more money. We’ll also show the fun side of paparazzo/celebrity run-ins with some silly photo ops. Then, we will share the lighter side of fame, and which celebs, like Will Smith, are making the most out of it. Once you are finished watching our video, be sure to sound off in the comment section, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko!

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16 Replies to “The Dark Side Of Hollywood They Try To Hide”

  1. Pamela E

    I can honestly say that I wouldn't walk across the street to see most of them, but I don't think that they should be bombarded 24/7.

  2. uchibenkei

    when celebrities have a movie, show or album out, then they love the paparazzi and all the attention. can't have your cake and eat it too. every job comes with shit.

  3. Kingdom of God

    There are many much greater lives, but they are not public, the widespread knowledge of them, are basically snuffed out by the satanic machines, TAKiNG, your, & most everybodies, attention, toward, boring, shallow, empty, talentless, puppet, satanic, "celebrities" & are also used as a distraction by satan, to make sure you never find out who the real talents, giftededs, blessed, are.

    For instance there is a beautiful Jesus Christ Christian woman whom Jesus Christ appeared to, who later went on to give birth to the gorgeous Eaglet of Rome, The Rightful Heir of Napoleon Bonaparte, The Jesus Christ Christian King of Rome, in a real world they would be the most famous people on Earth, after only King of Kings, Jesus Christ, however, what is the reality, what is being done to them by evil beings. Alot. alot, many, will never know, but only those who make it to Heaven will know someday.

  4. Tigerbunny Productions

    Overlook NOT Look over."the royal family was able to OVERLOOK the whole thing…" Speak frigging English at least with your rehash news.

  5. Breanna Bentley

    sorry but if it wasn't for all there fans they wouldn't have what they do ,if they didn't want it then y do it,they r loving all that money right ,that's just how I feel ,don't know how everyone else feels but that's how I c it

  6. Michael Stevens

    all I have to say is this: these ppl CHOSE the life of being famous and, given the Hollyweird lifestyle is…I personally would not want that kind of life. I'd rather live a life of solitude than wanting all the attention.

  7. Hawkeye Assassin's

    These people don't care about their lives they chose to give their lives to the beast for fame and fortune and their fans have this illusion that they love them and they are not serving satan well for those who don't read or know their Bibles God clearly says not to worship or follow these people. To be a friend to the world is to be an enemy of God!. The Music Industry and Professional Sports is no different. Has anyone ever asked why are they called "Fallen Stars" when these people are no longer needed by the industry or sacrificed this is the label put on them. Read the book of Enoch and you will understand why. They narrator of the video is lieing when she says that "they date one another because they understand what each of them go through" I learned Hollywood doesn't want their secrets of satanism child sacrifice and child abuse to get out to the public and the Los Angeles Police Department is as corrupt as cops get Hollywood is run by Zionist Jews also known as "satan's seed." When these people can't handle how disgusting the industry is and what they've sacrificed just to be famous they begin spilling the beans and next thing you know they are killed. It's not worth loosing your soul just to be famous in a life that's so short. I pray that they repent and run away from the type of life they live.

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