The Audition That Changed Everything For These Actors

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Actors can try for years to land a decent role, and even when they do, it’s no guarantee of success. Those who manage to make it big often say the same thing: they were in the right place at the right time. Have a look at the auditions that changed everything for these actors…

Daisy Ridley | 0:16
Hugh Jackman | 1:24
Harrison Ford | 2:32
Sigourney Weaver | 3:42
Christopher Reeve | 4:47
Gabourey Sidibe | 5:51
Daniel Radcliffe | 6:52

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20 Replies to “The Audition That Changed Everything For These Actors”

  1. Peekaymaja

    I stopped listening when yuu kept explaining and explaining.
    Shut up for a moment and show us actual footage. You Talk too much.

  2. Eih Lavina

    Hugh Jackman was also the Lead character on the Greatest Showman but when this video was uploaded the Greatest Showman hadn’t come out yet

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