Stars Whose Dark Secrets Were Exposed In 2017

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There were a lot of stars who had filthy — and sometimes criminal — secrets exposed in 2017. After years of Hollywood brushing certain types of behaviors under the rug, the Me Too movement put a lot of former favorites on blast. Meanwhile, other celebs who’d somehow survived whispers about their unsavory behaviors were no longer tolerated either. Here are the stars whose secrets were exposed this year…

Charlie Heaton | 0:36
Johnny Depp | 1:11
Mel B | 1:57
Kevin Hart | 2:31
Harvey Weinstein | 3:08
Ben & Casey Affleck | 4:31
Kevin Spacey | 5:40
Louis C.K. | 6:29
Dustin Hoffman | 7:24
Matt Lauer | 8:05
Mario Batali | 8:39
Morgan Spurlock | 9:22

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27 Replies to “Stars Whose Dark Secrets Were Exposed In 2017”

  1. Margaret Newell Newell

    That's why I'm not impress with Hollywood they allow people to do things or say things that hurts the people that they working with or living with

  2. Indio Sage

    Its all about men. Where are the women with bad conduct? Women are just as aggressive sexually as men. I think its all about money. How much can I get from men? Come on… 30 yrs of being a victim? Time for those scars to heal. I "was" also a sex victim very young(4yo) and a horrible life, but I choose to live. Unforgiveness kept me bond to Karma.

  3. Cassandra Butler

    This is reason I get so nauseous and disgusted how Hollywood just facade. Bunch of perverts and pedophiles hiding behind expensive clothes and fame. Including females Hollywood and singers who act like everyone is theirs servants. Didn't they forget where they coming from before where they are now? Money and fame made the Hollywood is the most corrupt and no moral.

  4. C Mare V

    Hollywood: The unspoken behavior everybody knew about but no one did anything about. Exposure ain't gonna change nothing.

  5. Oddly.Alright

    "I APPRECIATE the way I've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain…" WTF?! Now there had to be a better way of stating that sentence, where you don't come off as a total psychopath…

  6. dreams of turtles

    I know alot of NON famous men who look good in public but are horrible to the women in their lives: lying and cheating, verbal abuse, emotional manipulation and degradation. I dont think they even recognize it as abuse.

  7. Jess Vera

    Regarding Ch. Htn., If anyone on planet Earth at this point can not figure out how shit like that can happen innocently at a party in THAT industry, please go to that church on Mars and ask for some brains. What a joke. Something out of nothing, as usual. (GO INTERNET!} If he had been Tested, and tested positive for Cocacolada (Like.. Coka Cola …as in they really DID use cocaine in their beverages back in the day and yet… STILL AROUND Wtf…} Then Sure ok. Totally different story. Everybody seems to Love to think the only Human Beings on the planet Are Not Themselves.

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