Stars Who Are Unrecognizable In Real Life Without Makeup

These days, celebs are all about the carefully curated “fresh-faced” selfie. But it turns out, a filter, some filler, and an excellent facialist can hide a multitude of flaws. Wanna check out your fav stars au naturel? Here are the celebs who look completely different without makeup!

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Geena Davis | 0:18
Courtney Love | 1:15
Jennifer Love Hewitt | 2:14
Meghan Trainor | 2:54
Kristen Bell | 3:45
Ashley Tisdale | 4:16
Sarah Paulson | 4:47

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29 Replies to “Stars Who Are Unrecognizable In Real Life Without Makeup”

  1. Titan X

    Who gives a crap about make up on face, it's just cosmetic materialism that old women invented along time ago to try and stay younger looking, be natural, be happy with what God gave you, real beauty is on the inside not outside.

  2. Cherry_Bomb

    Christ I'm 36 I look 24 but that won't last forever. I'm not that old so it would be stupid for me to act like I have courage for saying my age.

  3. longrider

    Hey Courtney Love…David Byrne from Talking Heads did warn us all to take care of our skin 40 years ago in the song AIR….
    "I say to myself…
    what is happening ..
    to my skin…
    where is that protection that I needed…
    AIR can hurt you too …
    AIR can hurt you too…
    some people say not to worry 'bout the air…
    some people really don't know shit about the air".

  4. Lindsey Allison Westhaven

    Try turning 70 and then say " WOW, I feel so sexy, I look good, I feel good, Look at me! without combing your bedhead hair, no makeup, morning breath, and then shuffling around the house in old plain favorite robe while you wait for coffee and a toasted plain bagel. Oh Yeah, that's glamorous!

  5. Margo Thatcher

    Who really cares they are all nut cases. They have more crap injected into their faces . If you are fat you won’t have wrinkles the fat hides them who wants to be fat. The stars now days look like monsters. I am older but look better than most don’t drink smoke and take drugs. Wearing makeup stops your face from the elements. Such fake news.

  6. Simone Pilon-Major

    What about us regular women “not celebrities “ that still look amazingly fabulous at 55 without a lot of makeup and plastic. I know I still look great because I always get looks from both sexes!

  7. kathy Turner

    I think some go out without makeup when just shopping so people won’t recognize them and bother them. What I don’t understand if you have a great voice way do women feel the have to wear crazy makeup or clothing and be on stage half naked. That always be makes me feel that maybe it’s not their real voice we are hearing. If you got it you don’t need all this crazy shit. No need to be carried out in a egg. Think she learned with Tony Bennett she has a great voice.

  8. Nope Nope

    But Ashley Tisdale, you're not particularly young looking. You look every bit your age…and there's nothing wrong with that!

  9. KCSunshine

    Kills me when someone's beauty routine is to take off their make-up before going to bed. Other than drunks, addicts and prostitutes, I don't know who doesn't do this.

  10. Leonard Puccio

    You cant regain your youth through and plastic surgery and hair transplants!! Go natural !! Its more healthier and USUALLY, the best way to go !@ way to many botched plastic surgery jobs !! Just look at HOLLYWOOD!@

  11. OJay88

    Holy crap. What is it about white women in entertainment that makes them age like bananas? Every day white women do not look that bad that fast. Is it that they are pumping their faces full of botox and inadvertently worsening things?

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