Six Stars Defying Age Without Plastic Surgery

No plastic surgery, no probleuo0m! Hollywood veterans dish on maintaining their youthful appearance without having to go under the knife.

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21 Replies to “Six Stars Defying Age Without Plastic Surgery”

  1. mykey lykey

    JOHN STAMOS IS A FUCKIN STUD!!!! . . . . . . dude doesn't look like anything like the typical baldy, fatty, grey-balls 50+ yr old slob! Hahaha. Is it just me or does anybody else notice that the best looking, sexier older peeps are the one with Euro-Blood IE . . . . . . Italians, Portuguese and Greeks _________ mykey from toronto

  2. Nabby R

    Sandra Bullock had a thread lift. There is a photo showing a bulge on her face where a thread broke soon after the lift. There shouldn’t be any shame about trying to look as good as one can for as long as possible.

  3. Gigi Gigi

    Those Women are my favoriteis Real Beauty just like me…I am Gorgeous like them, I am almost 50 years old looking 30 and Gorgeous…Happy …No Joker face like the Stupid ones that are full of FILLERS in their face and Botched all over the body…Congrats to Us.

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