SHOCKING MOMENT! Jeff Garlin admits HE CHEATED | Celebrity Family Feud

CHAOS reigns as Anthony Anderson calls out Jeff Garlin for cheating… and Jeff admits it!


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25 Replies to “SHOCKING MOMENT! Jeff Garlin admits HE CHEATED | Celebrity Family Feud”

  1. Travis Swentosky

    "I'm sorry for whatever my part was" It's okay, you still lost, but thanks for being one of the first blackish to say that.
    *grabs popcorn….

  2. Mitchell Abercrombie

    I'm going to say Captain Picard's flute that he played first in the Inner Light in a dream and them played in real life?

  3. Jesse McKay

    4:48 If you want to see and hear the best, most dead-on impression of Dr Christine Blasey Ford without trying —- right there, folks. Absolutely hysterical. ALMOST makes us want to ignore some of the worst public behavior we've ever seen.

  4. Jesse McKay

    We could not believe that Anthony Anderson and Tracee and Miles are apparently, all three of them, the biggest bad-sport dumbasses in America. Jeff Garlin not only immediately admitted his actions, done innocently enough, but very graciously announced he thought his own team should take the "X" on his responsibility. And later he said, at a key moment, "I'm rooting for 'Black-ish', I'm a big fan of the show." Jeff Garlin is such a responsible, down-to-earth grown-up. Anderson and that TV family of his are all such little babies… they should be playing the damn home game. Never saw their show. What a turn-off to anyone who was maybe thinking they would check out the show…

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