Rihanna’s Love Affairs?! Who is her Prince Charming?!

Will you agree that Rihanna is the queen of everything? In recent years she has built a whole business empire and she’s the richest female singer in the world, despite not releasing any music for a while. So it’s no wonder that some people want to be her, and others want to be with her. And while making her way to the top, she still found time for dating but the men she’s been with were kinda obsessed with her. Right now Rihanna has a man but recently she reunited with one of her exes! What for?! Has she done that before? Let’s take a trip down the memory lane and have a look at what Rihanna’s past and present relationships were like! #Rihanna #Drake #ChrisBrown

😍 You SURELY will LOVE this video! “Rihanna & Hassan Jameel LOVE Story!” https://youtu.be/B1TTDFjygFA


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