Ray J Gets Caught Cheating on Princess who wants a Divorce FULL BREAKDOWN

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22 Replies to “Ray J Gets Caught Cheating on Princess who wants a Divorce FULL BREAKDOWN”

  1. Private Teacher

    Going to social media is a manipulative move on her part. People listen to her, but not him. He has complained multiple times about her bossing him around.

  2. Private Teacher

    She wanted to leave Vegas immediately because she was upset from their fight. Ray J did not want to leave at that very moment and left their suite to cool off. He also cut off her access to cursing him out and belittling him to escalate the situation he just walked away from by blocking her temporarily, so she went to social media


    Boy you better make up with Princess fool…your dumb @$$ ripped up the prenup. You married the most beautiful woman on the show and f'ed it up…smh…Something wrong with you nephew

  4. mzcynik1

    🤔🤦🏽‍♀️hope they work it out🤷🏽‍♀️….I like how his friend asked, "why did you block her?"🚶🏽‍♀️…..

  5. Krissy S.

    Am I the only one that remembers that Princess was Floyd Mayweather’s old girl and he took her out of the strip club IN VEGAS! Bought her some boobs and booty and then his homie in the crew wifed her.

  6. Dominican mamiana

    Lol he’s been cheating on her throughout the entire relationship she only got married just to be married I don’t feel sorry for her if you marry a clown you’ll end up looking like a fool

  7. Deborah Hardaway

    Hes trying to clean it up because shes telling on him.Bottom line.Dont leave your wife pregnant an stranded with your baby in t o w.

  8. Khalifah Ali

    Lol That's what Ray J get because just about year ago he going to town trying to destroy other ppl relationship! Good 4 him!!!

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