People Share Shocking Celebrity Secrets – AskReddit

What celebrity has skeletons in their closet that we have all just seemed to forget about?

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Celebrities With Skeletons In Their Closets are not rare. Many celebs have horrifying secrets that the public seemed to forget about. But every now and then a Shocking Skeleton has Crawled Out Of Celebs’ Closet.

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18 Replies to “People Share Shocking Celebrity Secrets – AskReddit”

  1. Redice Box

    "And yet you say unto you, it is easier to pass a camel at the bottom of a needle than to enter a rich man into the kingdom of God" (MT 19:22-24) So … really not suprised at all. Edit: How oblivious you need to be , not to know tha the entire "Hollywood" is full of satanists, pedophiles, wife beaters woman abusers, sexual criminals, drug abusers, liars, pretenders… nothing but a "Modern Babylon". The worst is the people who proceeds to adore and venerate this so called celebrites. To me they ate the trash of society. PS: By the way.. I am not a church rat; I just have Emotional Intelligence.

  2. IslandBarbie420

    Celebrities are sick and twisted… These men who go after underage girls are PEDOPHILES!!! They deserve a bullet between the eyes!!!!!!

  3. Brett Yarborough

    Did the beginning say something like-the characters in this video, even those based on real ppl, are totally fictional?? So, none of these are true??

  4. Cleo Glover

    It always annoys me when ppl have unprotected sex with anyone and when they get pregnant they wna be mad cos the woman doesn’t want an why didn’t u wrap it up are u stupid?? I’ll never get that…
    And Ted Nugent?? That man deserves to suffer and burn in hell…

  5. DeadlyAlienInvader

    “All characters in this video, even those based on real people are entirely FICTIONAL.”

    Then what’s the point of this video?

  6. Douglas Bull

    celebs are makes people go further and further into degradation.going from having sex with young woman to teens to young teens to children.then get bored so they start torturing them.after that they straight up sacrafice them.not to mention there handlers are all illuminati if that's what you want to call them.but there basically a criminal organization.they become sociopathic narcissistic luciferian egomaniacs who believe there the center of the world.they will all burn in hell

  7. Shah Galib Hassan Winner

    Looked up online and most say accused and not convicted so if anyone has links to viable sites on the stories please share.

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