NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #38

All new movie trailers from the past week:

00:00 – Knives Out
02:44 – Fractured
04:42 – Raising Dion
06:22 – In The Shadow Of The Moon
08:34 – The Rhythm Section
10:33 – In The Tall Grass
12:52 – The Secret Garden
14:28 – The Faceless Man

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22 Replies to “NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #38”

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  3. Crystal Z

    Omg Raising Dion looks awesome! Fractured looks good but seems similar to The Forgotten, which was amazing and kind of weird lol

  4. simplem

    Esta es la parte mas importante de toda la pelicula.. 1:18 esa monedita en el aire.. mirenla.. no es increible? esa monedita aparte,es super importante, lo cambiara todo, en especial por su color, tamaño y altura de la cual fue lanzada en el aire.. esa monedita.. ADORAD A LA MONEDITA!!! ADORADLA MI HENTE!!

    que pelotudez

  5. Ej Marbella

    Spotted: Looks like S had a close call with that bomb. Careful, S, things can get blown into proportion very easily. 🙂

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