Kristen Bell Talks Participating in 'Veronica Mars' & Gossip Girl Revivals | MTV News

Kristen Bell talks to Josh Horowitz about ‘Veronica Mars’, ‘Gossip Girl’, & ‘Cats’. Check out more at

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18 Replies to “Kristen Bell Talks Participating in 'Veronica Mars' & Gossip Girl Revivals | MTV News”

  1. It'sAnna

    Growing up Veronica Mars and Gossip Girl were two of my favorite TV shows but back then I didn't know Veronica and GG's voice were the same person because 1. dubbing and 2. 8 year old me was not familiar with the magic world of the Internet. Then I grew up and found out the same actress played both roles and it was MIND BLOWING, and I realized, especially now that in 2019 we got a new season of VM and apparently a revival of GG too, that Kristen Bell is literally a constant in my life. I love this girl.

  2. KimOlson1993

    "Eight hours from now we're gonna have some feedback." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Kristen trying to figure out what "ship" means. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ "I am a mom."

    "streaming services." "There are a lot of options, people who haven't yet said no to us."

  3. killbillvol69

    As an old dude who learned what "shipping" meant not too long ago, I sympathize with Kristen. The interviewer didn't do a very good job of explaining it to her though.

  4. Star Crossed

    If Logan doesn't "Jon Snow" himself in season 5 I HOPE THERE's NO SEASON 5 cause if that's the end of Logan than it's the end of "VM" show and we have to deal with it

  5. Mikey Surratt

    Having the show be about the real estate moguls vs the spring breakers divorces it from that core of the haves vs have nots. Because kids who can afford to spring break on the sunny beaches of Cali are definitely not considered have nots. They are spoiled and rowdy rich kids. And we leave behind the grit and heart of the wrong side of the tracks. So while Rob was trying to have the show feel more grown, he really took away from its complexity and made it feel shallow. Great job Rob :/

  6. Cor Malum

    If you make your living off of pop culture, HOW can you not know that the word "shipping" is derived from the word "relationship?"

  7. Simon Polidano

    This interview: the wit, the grace, the coyness… is basically a summation of why KB has been my favourite human for half my life.

  8. LetYourLiteShine17

    MTV NEWS: PLEASE TELL KB that "shipping" is short for relationSHIP and that to say that your "ship sailed" means your couple got together, and if your "ship sinks" they broke up, and if they only existed in AU fanfic and youtube fan vids they never sailed, they never even left the dock.

  9. fenwicus

    Whether or not I want to see any more new VM after this revival ( I don’t), I wish she would stop saying she would do it until everyone in Neptune is dead. If there was ever a time that would be cute, that time has passed 😑

  10. Sherry Gotto

    Kristen Bell shame on you for letting th VM fans down after they sent money in to make the movie! Bring Jason back if Hulu and your fans give you a 5 season. Kristen you have always said your piece , your fans have spoken you can fix this crap. Rob has no VM without you and with yr fans bring Jason back and leave the people alone no killing people off..

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