Kim Kardashian & The Most Shocking Celeb Plastic Surgery

The top 5 most shocking celebrity plastic surgery including: Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, Farrah Abraham, & Kaley Cuoco.


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16 Replies to “Kim Kardashian & The Most Shocking Celeb Plastic Surgery”

  1. ViviyanKpopGirl

    I just can't stand Farrah, she needs to just do what she wants and let her parents take care of Sophia.
    Like I felt bad for her when Sophia's dad got killed but now she's just a nasty shell of a woman that can't be honest with the fact of she's making porn. Its like honey, put your clothes on, get a real job and act like a god damn mother to your daughter or just drop her and live your life without her. 

  2. Em Winnie

    Why would heidi montag want such huge breasts?!! She's sooo skinny. Too skinny. Like a least make them Cs so they look a little natural not Fs omg lol

  3. Floweritzell S

    Right not a porn lol I have nothing against porn stars I mean is their bodies and their lives but I believe that if you are a parent you shouldn't be making porn videos or at least putting them on the internet because obviously eventually your child is going to find out and I mean if you did it way before you had children you should explain to them and prepare for the worst because the other kids at your child's school would bother your child with that, and I mean who knows if that happens but with the internet now days that is most likely to happen.

  4. Shady Tyrell

    Hollywood Life is such bullshit it's sickening. They constantly make fake articles for user subscriptions and attention. Smh why is this even allowed?

  5. Jessica Monroe

    her butt is real if you havent seen keeping up with the kardashian when she got her butt checked out if their was any "fake implants" to prove the haters wrong.

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