Kenny Ortega – Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony – Live Stream

Director and choreographer Kenny Ortega receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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27 Replies to “Kenny Ortega – Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony – Live Stream”

  1. Alison Clarke

    I love him when he worked with Michael Jackson he was very blessed to have known him and work with him. Congratulations Kenny Ortega you are awesome keep up the good work.

  2. Miranda Schermerhorn

    Definitely deserving! I wish I could meet Kenny! All of the speeches were so touching, especially Kenny’s words about and for Cam. You can see Kenny has and does bring so much joy and love too so many people he has worked with and his family and friends. How rude of the press ruining a moment of much needed hugs and support for Cameron’s family and friends, at the end of this video. Praying for Cameron’s family, friends, and cast mates. Praying press will leave them alone.

  3. Virginia Peltier

    Such an amazing gifted talented individual so very happy and proud of him and all that he has given and done in the entertainment industry. Blessed to know him and his wonderful family.. God Bless you Kenny.

  4. olivia reeder

    Cameron may not be there in person but he definitely is there in spirit. He is screaming your name and cheering for you. He is always looking down at you and smiling.

  5. D M

    God Bless You Kenny. No one deserves this more than you. I remember the first play we did together, The King and I at Summer Drama Workshop at Sequoia High School, like it was yesterday. Your incredible encouragement and unbridled passion and love throughout that and the many other plays that we did together with the Redwood City Civic Light Opera (another one of your amazing creative visions, which gave joy to hundreds of High School kids in San Mateo County) are some of the very fondest memories of my entire life. Love to you, Debbie, Mark, and the rest of your amazing family, from your old friend Doug.

  6. 1992disney

    How did he deserve that when he produced mostly cheap and low-quality garbage like the High School Musical trilogy and the Descendants trilogy?

  7. Carina Becker

    First: Kenny is awesome and deserves this star and all that comes with it.
    but what i find weird and disturbing is that in the words presenting Kenny they left out he worked with Michael Jackson. i mean really are ya'll so scared people will think that what they say MJ did that Kenny would have known because he worked with him…….

    I mean MJ was the biggest star at one point and Kenny helped those shows look great. If not talking about MJ means they believe MJ is guilty than my question is "are you removing Michael Jackson's star?"
    i think Kenny has part of his fame to thank to MJ. not all ofcourse because HSM and now Descendants and all other big hits helped too. So he got help from them but its also the other way around.

  8. Belle Reinette


  9. Michelle Plays

    I was so excited and honored to be there, once again you are the best Kenny!!!!!!! Keep dreaming❤💘💖💗💓💝

  10. Raven Leonard

    Kenny, you deserve this. You shaped my childhood with AWESOME movies and dance moves that I could imitate in my old age!! You are a legend in the making👏👏👏👏

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