Innocent Actors Who Starred In Adult Movies

Innocent Actors Who Starred In Adult Movies

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Child stars are forced to grow up under enormous pressure and often spend their adolescents struggling to stay a part of Hollywood’s elite. As they grow out of their cuteness and become too old to play the kind of roles that made them famous, offers usually stop pouring in. That’s when they start feeling burning desire to change things up and break into the adult world at any cost. Let’s take a look at innocent actors who starred in adult movies.

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21 Replies to “Innocent Actors Who Starred In Adult Movies”

  1. Huggy Bear

    This list sucks. R rated is not an "adult" movie. Try Sensi Pearl from Disney and Screech from the show Saved by the Bell… There was some black girl fron Nickelodeon that ended up in porn too… I can't. remember who she was..

  2. Menno van Oosten

    I am positive there are even more blurry clips you could have used for this!
    Also, an adult movie is xxx rated. Not r.

  3. Ahmad Abed-Rabuh

    It’s prolific directors of all time, not profilic directors… I guess Phallus was on your mind 😬. Otherwise, great video.

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