Ice Cube – Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony – Live Stream

Ice Cube – Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony – Live Stream

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12 Replies to “Ice Cube – Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony – Live Stream”

  1. Fred Brooks

    Cube is a legend and an icon without question. Sometimes people tend to throw around the words legends and icons too much, but this brother fits that description to a 'T'. I was bumping this cat's music as far back as the late 80's and i'm still bumping it today. Great music, great films and a star on the Walk Of Fame some 30 years after he started in the game. His influence and impact on music is still felt today, congratulations Cube.

  2. Tawahna Green

    Was just listening to "Natural Born Killaz" this morning and the first few lines from his first verse pops into my head. I love him and his music. Seen some but not all his movies.

  3. Sabopotomus

    straight up legend right there in my eyes, ill never forget the day i heard NWA in the 80s, changed my life …. much respect Cube!

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