How These Pop Stars Looked Before And After Plastic Surgery

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In a perfect world, all anyone would need for pop stardom would be genuine talent and hard work. But, instead, we expect celebrities to look perfect, leading many stars to undergo dramatic transformations in an effort to become the total package. These stars all appear to have gone under the knife, but some have yet to admit it. Still, the proof is in the pudding…or the implants, new nose, or freshly plumped cheeks…

Iggy Azalea’s nose and beyond | 0:25
Janet Jackson’s nose | 1:14
Ashley Tisdale’s deviated septum | 2:00
Kelly Rowland’s implants | 2:55
Gwen Stefani’s possible procedures | 3:30
Tay-Tay’s new boo-tay? | 4:23
Adele’s new nose? | 5:00

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20 Replies to “How These Pop Stars Looked Before And After Plastic Surgery”

  1. Croix de Lorraine 1935

    I can't stand nose job noses, because they always look so thinned, and the nose tips are always to short, and the lobes look so punched in and ready to fold together!!
    They always do this to Black people's noses it seems, and the docs should try to retain some of the person's own features and not give the nose such a pinched look!!

  2. arron baker

    Janet jackson as ad about 5 nose jobs over the years along with botox and face lifts she looks unnatural like star trex nothing natural looking about miss jackson from the late 70s she started this at 16 yrs old folks😃

  3. Rahul

    Where's CHAKKA Flopdonna & CHAKKA Flopyonce? Haven't they done any surgery? Are they related to you that you're protecting them and defaming their biggest rivals?

  4. Miss PANDA

    I remember when boob jobs were taboo and women always denied them. Now it's the butt job that's taboo, but the funny thing is both surgeries are very obvious. Brazillian buttlifts have a very specific look to it and you can tell when someone has it done. I dont know why people lie when it's so obvious…. like the Kardashian/Jenner's. I dont even care if people get plastic surgery, but I hate liars. If you do it, own it.

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