Ever wondered how your favorite female rapper / artist will look once they become OLD? THANKS FOR WATCHING!! PART2?? Lets Get 5K LIKES

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17 Replies to “HOW FEMALE ARTIST LOOK OLD (60+ AGE)”

  1. gachi Amily

    U a copy catter u a idiot u know that yo ears long as fuck now get out funny mike life u idiot u is not funny mike i am go exspose u one day and be ready to get talk about i am go talk about u every day idiot u a basster u know get out his life nowwwwww pls in thany you

  2. Brittany Tarton

    Could be hanging on Cardi B because you get more money and plus she got her dream man what you got behind on Beyonce because she asked so sheโ€™s prettier than her shit and she is Nelly and push your ice cream like her and me and Necia

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