Hollywood Van Tour ( Full Experience ) – Celebrity Homes / Beverly Hills / Rodeo & Mulholland Drive

A visit to Hollywood Blvd to take one of the many van tours available to see the sites . This was a 2 hour trip all around Mulholland Drive , Beverly Hills and much more .

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28 Replies to “Hollywood Van Tour ( Full Experience ) – Celebrity Homes / Beverly Hills / Rodeo & Mulholland Drive”

  1. TheDailyWoo

    Instagram – AdamTheWooATW
    Always wanted to go on this type of tour . The chopped off roof vans lining the blvd are everywhere . I went with this from an onlookers perspective , did not chime in to attempt to question or correct any info along the way . Enjoy !
    Previous video https://youtu.be/BBWu91gVnDg

  2. Ratty Chick

    I must say I enjoyed doing one of these tours years ago but some of the celebrity’s are divorced or sold up now I guess the tour guides say “ this house used to owned by …… lol “🤣

  3. jabba da hutt

    Get a map to da stars find heidi fluess .
    Driver has heavy foreign accent, Iranian afgani, Iraqi. Not menu, cu an, Spanish or u r a peon.

  4. MarxingRightAlong

    watched muted = guides vernacular was beyond repulsive to my ears and unintelligible no matter what the volume 🙁 🙁 ~ super glad it wasn't me paying for its babbling 🙂 🙂

  5. Sands Real Estate West

    LIES LIES LIES!! ALL LIES!! Most the homes "owned by celebrities" is LIES!!! Glad to see this video because I won't take this tour..

  6. Harlem Thamry

    Haha, I enjoyed the tour guide’s Egyptian accent. Just check out any Jon Stewart video having Bassem Youssef as his guest.

  7. AbandonedExplorers.com

    Pleasantly entertaining. All the wealth makes me sick, but it was actually a pretty good ride the tour guide gave.

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