21 Replies to “Guillermo Del Toro – Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony Live Stream”

  1. Timothy M. Nolan

    Golden Globe Winner, Oscar Winner and now part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A true visionary. Congratulations, Guillermo!

  2. Shawn&Inna Barrett

    this loeb cant really help except as lets check his taxes and why not?

    that helps to think things thru 

    democrats how this loeb has $1.5 bln of stock 

    this loeb cant really help except as lets check his taxes and why not?

    that helps to think things thru 

    democrats how this loeb has $1.5 bln of stock

    is he a judge law degree ?? 

    these people have to create wiki page

    what is interesting is that they say DJT is not self made and relied on his dad to build wealth but what his dad had to do he was a builder so what happened with buildings that good quality after a person death they teach sons to build well. and in car eof loeb he is self made?? how?

    knowing the right ppl in courts and government accumulated wealth and his daad did not help a little?? so i do not understand what are all teh comparisons attack and intimidation 

    start licensing mediators and cancel judicial system entirely 

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    these people are not criminal they working have wires kids at home pay rent etc so why not process them thru that is when president supposedly taking care of Ell Paso 

    the life of many ppl get ruined and they being robbed they lose their rent job and families get separated 

    this is looting. 

    Because they first were let in the country and then without any warning they are being taken as criminals. 

    thsi results in business disruption to thsi particular business

    is the farm organic

    if the local peopel americans willing to take the jobs on that factory now. the factory get shut down the meet get spoiled the business helping peopel to get job is going Out of business hu is a impetigo GMO chicken farmer hu supposedly do not employee illegal ppl?

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    thsi is so brutal and way worse than El Paso shooting

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    thsi si so horrible and thsi is nazism 

    thsi si tasing people out uprooting and thsi is alike jewish or anti semitic situation 

    so if teh form was filled in and peopel and companies continue businesses. 

    but clearly affordable housing need to include 680 illegal peel thy live somewhere they’re were able to earn and to find housing the do not complain and maybe they do with illegal fake id and they also vote an dhow many of them 

    also emolpyig american make products more expensive cause the peopel did not pay taxes but also did not get min wage which min wage is taxed. 


    these is a giant problem with organizing raids 

    also those german french they were also raided on what happened with them? were they criminals because teh big talk was that we get rid of big deal criminals or they actually becalms criminals at the time of persecution or to start with police faked a hole bunch of reports that are not justified frivolous reports

  3. angelica hernandez


  4. Christian Castillejo

    Cómo es que este video no esté en tendencias si es un gran logro para México y videos como los de Juan de Dios Pantoja está a cada rato en tendencias no entiendo cómo la gente ve sus videos si no le aportan nada a la vida de las personas y es un contenido básico que se encuentra en muchos otros canales de Youtube que vergüenza

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