Game Of Thrones Wins Best Drama Series | EMMYS LIVE! 2019

Game of Thrones takes home the Emmy for Best Drama Series.

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Game Of Thrones Wins Best Drama Series | EMMYS LIVE! 2019

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29 Replies to “Game Of Thrones Wins Best Drama Series | EMMYS LIVE! 2019”

  1. Dshew89 D

    The Emmys have no integrity. No backbone. This is purely a popularity contest. These awards are not based on merit anymore. Therefore they aren’t worthy to be viewed by anybody.

  2. Michael Judd

    To think that Better Call Saul, with infinitely better writing quality, consistency, continuity, dialogue, characters, character development, and storytelling actually LOST to the dumpster fire known as Game Of Thrones Season 8. Disgusting. This proves that the Emmys are worthless.

  3. morguwu

    guys stop comparing the seasons!!

    Season 1 was ICONIC

    Season 2 was AMAZING

    Season 3 was GREAT

    Season 4 was ASTOUNDING

    Season 5 was THRILLING

    Season 6 was BREATHTAKING

    Season 7

    Season 8

  4. Theo Quach

    D&D should have aplogize to the audience and George for ruining the entire series. Then give back the emmy and walk out in shame

  5. Leopard Shepherd

    The real test will be seeing how D&D handle new projects because it’s obvious that once they ran out of source material they couldn’t write a show

  6. Arian Dito

    the fact that D&D don't even recognize the massive backlash and they pretend that nothing went wrong just proves how much of a coward they are.

  7. Indianara Auane Duarte

    Thank God many characters were killed during the 8 seasons. Otherwise all the cast would fulfill the theatre lol so many people

  8. Sandali Dev Sinha

    All right, now I know that the last season of Game of Thrones was, like, total trash, but the truth is that GoT totally deserved this emmy. Not because the last season was in any way good, but the very existence of this show proved that something as ambitious and beautiful and as big as Game of Thrones was possible on television. Name one show which has been shot at a grandeur and scale such as that of Game of Thrones. Name one show, which was shot at a budget as great as that of GoT.

    Now, I know that there were other great shows that deserved to win, but, we have to keep in mind, that before Game of Thrones was aired on television for the first time, TV shows were often overlooked, and considered inferior to actual movies. But, every episode of Game of Thrones was shot on a budget that period-dramas (movies) are shot at, only it did so for 8 seasons. Yes, the writing was trash. Yes, the dialogues were trash. But all those years, when this was a beloved show, we loved it, not only for it's great storyline and acting, but because it looked so real, and made you feel like you were there in Westeros, or whatever (I am not able to frame this the right way, but you get it).

    This show was beautiful, stunning, mind-blowing. This show was loved by us for so many years, still is. This show restored the faith of so many in the true power of television. This show, showed the world that just like movies, the extent to which a TV show could be imagined and made was also limitless. And now this show, had come to an end.

    How could we expect the television academy to not honour this beautiful show one last time, and not acknowledge the depth of it's contribution to it's field? That award did not mean "Thank you for a last season" (no one's gonna thank them for that). That award meant "Thank you for giving a bigger meaning to, and also allowing the world to realise the true meaning of television through your incredible artistic contribution''.

    So, I think this award was totally deserved, and an appropriate farewell to a beloved show. No matter the ending, I still respect Game of Thrones.

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