Fake Butts and The Post-Baby Snapback: Have Celebs Taken Plastic Surgery Too Far? | ESSENCE Now

ESSENCE Now guests Scottie Beam and Regina Robertson discuss the boom in plastic surgery among celebrities and everyday women, and the backlash Blac Chyna received for a recent bikini photo.

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10 Replies to “Fake Butts and The Post-Baby Snapback: Have Celebs Taken Plastic Surgery Too Far? | ESSENCE Now”

  1. E

    insecurity is a muthafucka. thats the MAIN reason these women get plastic surgery. its sad af. i feel sorry for women who aren't comfortable enough with themselves enough. & some people like to blame "society" and bullying for the reason so many of these women feel the need to do this. its no ones job to make you feel comfortable with with THE REAL YOU yo parents and the people who raised you should've validated you enough. you should feel/know that you are enough just the way you are. & those who aint fuckin with it can just fuck off. cant please everyone nor is it your job too. & this is minus the people that may have discomfort / or may have been in an tragic accident and want to get something corrected with plastic surgery. all the IG models are worst than the 1990 – early 2000 video vixens. shit is sad frfr. there's so much more to life man.

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