Everything you need to know about the Gossip Girl reboot | Cosmopolitan UK

It goes without saying that Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf will always hold a special place in our hearts. Whether its their slightly ridiculous outfit choices, everything they taught us about friendship or the general drama of the show, we are Gossip Girl stans and proud.

Which is why we’re so excited about the Gossip Girl reboot. Here’s everything you need to know about it, from potential cast members to what the show will be about.

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15 Replies to “Everything you need to know about the Gossip Girl reboot | Cosmopolitan UK”

  1. Mak@5

    As of right now there’s no way Leighton’s gonna leave that dry-humor relatable comedy sketch she’s starring on now cause she has to “stick it out”, I think Blake has no chance since she kinda acts “above it all”, Penn talked shit about gossip girl claiming that the sordid teen drama has “ruined his acting career” but maybe he’s grown out of that, Chance is low key unemployed so I know he’d be down but he’s pretending to just wanna do a cameo but if other actors are gonna do all ten episodes he definitely will to, I think Ed actually has something going for him right now but I think he would definitely make a cameo, Taylor is definitely not coming back they literally wrote her off the show the first time because she said “forget acting I wanna do music”. But with any luck they have nothing planned past 2020 so their schedules will be open.

  2. Mak@5

    But it’s gonna be weird as fuck if half the cast is there and half the cast isn’t. Like imagine if all the secondary characters like Lily, Rufus, Eric etc are there but the main people are replaced with randos, it’ll be so awkward

  3. iliyah traymon

    I want Dan and Serena and Nate and Blair and chuck and lily and Rufus and Jenny and Vanessa and Darota and Cyrus and maybe even Georgina but Jenny hasn’t been seen in a while which is weirf

  4. Haur -

    Wait. I thought Riverdale WAS the failed reboot with all those stupid relationship dynamics they wrote 🤣

    Great we can have an actual failed gossip girl reboot then

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