Dark Secrets The Cyrus Family Tried To Hide

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The Cyruses have become one of the most successful families in Hollywood, but their path to fame and glory has been plagued by scandal. From start-and-stop divorces, to the truth about that Disney show, here are the secrets the family tried to hide…

Long lost sibling | 0:15
Marital troubles | 1:02
Disney downer | 2:18
Two faced | 2:59
Underage affair | 3:39
Fame game | 4:24
The dark side | 5:00
Mini Miley | 5:50

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30 Replies to “Dark Secrets The Cyrus Family Tried To Hide”

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  4. Chantell G

    22 years in the spotlight(multiple famous family members) is wild in the Hollywood relationship game. Their "issues" would be boring if they were a "normal" family. Gawd…can we quit the obsessive BS with famous people?!

  5. Shaz Ann

    Media can make you and can destroy you. I dont see it as dark shading. I see a father trying to keep their family safe from harm and a daughter miley who was raised to be a puppet of society whom rebelled just to find herself. The thing is that we as people only see the outside of things. What if we are in their situation what would you do ?

  6. Mary Gomes

    You forgot to add childhood satanic ritual abuse and MK ultra sex kitten training….. tut tut! Those parents are DEFO NOT Christians, even if they like to throw that word around for show.

  7. Paloma San Basilio

    Why she have her teeth done?
    They look terrible. She can’t even close her mouth.

    They looked perfectly fine @3:40

    Crazy Celebrity World.

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