Dark Secrets The Cast of Full House Tried To Hide

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To the millions of people who watched Full House, the Tanners were about as close to the perfect American family as you could find, even with its trio of father figures and the absence of a mother for the girls. Off-screen, however, the actors who played those picture-perfect characters were far from the sunny personalities they portrayed on TV. Here are some of the strangest stories surrounding the Full House cast over the years…

Talk to me | 0:24
Cut it out | 1:16
How rude | 2:01
Oh Mylanta | 4:04
Aww nuts | 5:02
You got it dude | 5:42

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13 Replies to “Dark Secrets The Cast of Full House Tried To Hide”

  1. D W

    The bible syas "wives submit to your husands" husbands "love your wife". God put the man over woman for a reason. Feminists refuse to accept this. The result is what we have today, the family unit destroyed and society going downhill.

  2. Coaching With Kelly

    "Subservience" and other comments about the Cameron's is grossly misunderstood. Submission is always used as a smokescreen to avoid the Bible and the God of the Bible. People submit to their bosses, the government, road signs, medical procedures without issue. Seriously, seriously negative, derogatory comments that come from ignorance. Christ himself submitted to death on a cross for all humanity. The scriptures even teach "Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ". But, it's better to bad mouth the Christians in the group than to repent of one's own sins. Notice the Cameron's were not strung out on cocaine and married 4 times. Oh, that must be better.

  3. Mangoo

    It's so weird to see this as I'm watching full house now, and I really know these people as the sweet little kids they play on the show. I feel so bad for all of them

  4. Loveless 78

    The twins didn’t do it bc their both so damn weird and married to questionable men filthy rich older unattractive men or “handlers”. Imo there’s something very OFF about it all. Seems the richer the sicker ppl are. Their in that billionaire status and you can’t get as far as they did with just a damn clothing line. Stuff isn’t conspiracies. Truth is coming to light more and more about ALL these ppl. The twins look old and gaunt and NEVER smile and seem almost robotic. I think Their weird af.

  5. M

    You went over the top with Candace, she is not trying to hide anything and if she wants to be submissive then let her be, I think we don’t have the same definition of submissive…

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