15 Replies to “Cosmetic Procedures Gone Wrong”

  1. Matt Deans

    These Hollywood (and elsewhere) people that have this plastic surgery to stay younger looking and relevant in today's world. But who is going to cast them or hire them when they end up looking like monsters.

  2. Kathy

    I Think it's all totally hysteric. American women look Fake, it's just took Much. It's not even sexy with all that plastic surgery.

  3. 9Spank9

    WHY do women want their faces to resemble 1953/1954 Buicks? Lisa Rinna took a shot of a 1954 Buick to her plastic surgeon stating "I want THIS look – NOW!" Don't they realize the older they get gravity is going to pull everything they had tucked down to the floor? So Lisa Rinna will rival a "Eureka" shop vac with her soup-coolers dragging the pavement wherever she goes. Just ask those women who went from a training bra – to the bra from a Vette – how they need baby carriages to carry those bad boys around with them to keep them off the ground as they age. Pam Anderson is going to need help just lifting hers to wash underneath them….

  4. Sarah Pratt

    It's an inside job it all starts with loving yourself first so no matter what anyone says you'll still have self love, it's an ongoing job for sure!🌺

  5. Dee

    Oh, the irony of Andrea Caning doing this spot, when she has had so much work done that (in 2019) her face looks like an ice rink that has just been Zambonied.

  6. Patricia Kelly

    They’re like sheep. Why can’t they love themselves. I think instead of having surgery, maybe they should have counselling.

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