CHARLIE’S ANGELS – Official Trailer (HD)

Don’t judge a girl by her cover. Watch the official #CharliesAngels trailer now – only in theaters November.

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In Banks’ bold vision, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska are working for the mysterious Charles Townsend, whose security and investigative agency has expanded internationally. With the world’s smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe, there are now teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys taking on the toughest jobs everywhere. The screenplay is by Elizabeth Banks from a story by Evan Spiliotopoulos and David Auburn.

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18 Replies to “CHARLIE’S ANGELS – Official Trailer (HD)”

  1. greta kournikova

    Angel in pink dress 👗 at the start of this trailer..beating some man to death..what ever happened to the days when women were Indistress? And behaved like ladies…you can't expect to believe in the women's suffrage if they are going to go around beating up sad times have changed..I think I will stick to watching my 1950s movies when women looked more dignified and ladylike.

  2. William Topping

    Dear Western Media, when you alienate half of your viewers, and patronise the other half, don't be surprised when your product doesn't sell.

    And when you fail to understand this AND decide to blame your customers for not buying your products rather than take responsibility for making a product that no-one wants nor asked for, well, you deserve to fail.

  3. AVO Channel: Adrian Val Olonan

    Sony Pictures must have so much money to waste on bad reboots like Ghostbusters 2016 and Charlie's Angels 2019. The original movie versions are still better.

  4. Dang Ngo SuShi

    just watch this movie, luckily in my country you can watch this movie pirate, because this movie is sooooooo fucking cringy

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