Celebs Who Went Into Hiding After Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

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Celebrities going under the knife in an effort to maintain or enhance their already inhuman beauty is nothing new. Hollywood is a tough business, and the pressure to achieve physical perfection is intense. For some in the fame game, those plastic surgeries have reportedly gone horribly awry, leaving them dodging the spotlight instead of basking in it. Here are some celebs who’ve allegedly hidden from the limelight after cosmetic procedures gone wrong…

Janet Jackson | 0:31
Meg Ryan | 1:40
Melanie Griffith | 2:17
Cher | 3:14
Wayne Newton | 4:01
Lara Flynn Boyle | 4:32

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28 Replies to “Celebs Who Went Into Hiding After Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong”

  1. Rahul

    Janet had nose job when she was young, nothing after that. While Beyonce got silicon implanted in her chest and behind, Madonna grew penis popped out of vagina.

  2. Consuela Evans

    I don't understand with all the money they shell out on this BS, they can save and shell out on natural remedies such as exercise, drinking plenty of water, dietary, taking vitamins/natural herbs, using dermatologist products for aging skin, wrinkles etc. And in the long run look natural, healthy and good with no negative side effects. I am so disappointed in JJ appearance, I can't even watch her anymore.

  3. halietigges

    Janet did not go into hiding? She just took a break from making music and Janet has a successful plastic surgery through 4 decades.

  4. Spanky Harland

    janet jackson goes to the same cosmetic surgeon that her brother went to. trade mark – same nose- she hasn't gone through the decolorization program like her brother.

  5. Austria Giancarlo

    OMG! Lara Flynn Boyle has a nose full of cocaine that's just gross. Plastic people with plastic parts, that's showbiz. They ALL look hideous too.

  6. Chucky Mambo

    Janet.’s surgery wasNOT botched. Sure it appears she had some botox possibly restylane, but an ultratight ponytail and makeup can do wonders.

  7. Walter Radtke

    the ugliness of these shallow, vile and parasitic Hollywood scumbags is put on stage by their empty and soulless animated meat vessels daily

  8. llama girl01

    That's why I say never get plastic surgery they can have warnings and to losses weight you have to work hard and do sent matter how you look ugly instead of getting plastic surgery you inhanse the beauty and show more also when you age the plastic surgery can get bad

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