Celebs Who Look Freakishly Good Without Makeup

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Thanks to A-list glitz, glam, and Photoshop, it seems impossible for the everyday crowd to live up to Hollywood’s beauty standards. But once in awhile, we get to catch a glimpse of celebs in real life — makeup free! These fresh-faced stars are completely relatable, while empowering women everywhere to rock their natural face!

Jennifer Lopez | 0:18
Ciara | 0:40
Drew Barrymore | 0:59
Emmy Rossum | 1:13
Jenna Dewan Tatum | 1:32
Jessica Biel | 1:52
Olivia Wilde | 2:13
Megan Fox | 2:33
Leighton Meester | 2:52
Julianne Hough | 3:06

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  1. Y’all forgot Beyoncé – Demi Lovato – Jessi J !! They are all beautiful ! Everybody that is and not famous is beautiful

  2. Im sorry but these women can afford to look good with and without make up. They all have the money to get the best beauty and aesthetics specialists

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