Celebs Who Let Huge Secrets Slip On Live TV

When celebrities reveal huge secrets on live TV, that unedited footage makes for captivating, shocking, and memorable moments for the audience. From huge spoilers, to baby bumps, to spilling the tea about others, these celebs dished big secrets on live TV.

When Ian McShane visited BBC Breakfast in 2016 to talk about some of his then-upcoming projects, he gave up a little too much on Game of Thrones. When the hosts pressed for some juicy intel about Season 6.

According to Vanity Fair, McShane probably thought that with so many dead characters to choose from, he’d be safe in giving audiences a little hint.

…fans immediately recognized that description as closely resembling a character in the books upon which the show is based one who’s connected to a mysterious figure known as the Gravedigger whom many suspect is actually the Hound. It just made perfect sense.

Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block never hid the fact that he’s gay, but he didn’t make it front page news, either. Former pop star Tiffany knew Knight was gay, but she didn’t know the public was still in the dark about it when she stopped by Watch What Happens Live and revealed on the show that she dated Knight back in the day. Watch the video for more about celebs who let huge secrets slip on live TV.

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Ian McShane lets the Hound out | 0:17
Tiffany outs Jonathan Knight | 1:05
John Boyega is speechless | 2:04
Beyonce unveils her bump | 2:53
Wolf Blitzer pops the Balloon Boy story | 3:32
Dylan O’Brien loots sacred grounds | 4:45
Courtney Love’s warning about Weinstein | 5:41
Charlie Sheen reveals his HIV secret | 6:30
Cardi B follows the Queen B | 7:29
Mark Ruffalo spoils Infinity War | 8:25
Britney’s live blunder was that innocent | 9:11
Tom Hanks gives big thanks | 10:32

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25 Replies to “Celebs Who Let Huge Secrets Slip On Live TV”

  1. Fake Account

    Kind of disappointed that the Cardi B slip wasn't about how she drugged and robbed men of their money when they were out when she was working as a stripper.

  2. James Dick

    when they showed Cardi B there, i honestly thought it was Nikki Minaj for a second. anyways, i thought you guys would also mention how she used to lure guys with false promises of a hook-up, then drug and rob them.

  3. Amber The Magnificent

    Why tf are yall mad about mothers being excited about their babies? Celebrities are real people with real emotions, like pride and joy at welcoming a new family member. Especially for women like Beyonce who had a hard time conceiving.

  4. Terry SFV

    Cameras don’t “pan out”, they “pull back” or “zoom out”. Panning” is moving side-to-side. “Tilt” is angling low or high

  5. Khandis glasco

    puh lease beyonce had a surrogate her first prego….lets be honest here, what stomach deflates (yes actually) during an interview…

  6. Krewzin thru

    if ur the last straight relationship they were in,would u feel blameful or part blame for the change…u were so bad that they switched teams or it has nothing to do with u ?

  7. Tigi Bucaro

    the star wars thing… they shouldnt have given her that information for that interview if she wasn't supposed to mention it

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