Celebrity Plastic Surgeries — Before and After!

Celebs getting plastic surgery is nothing new, but you are not going to believe some of these before and after pics!

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20 Replies to “Celebrity Plastic Surgeries — Before and After!”

  1. Nabby R

    Janice Dickinson has that weird wider-nose thing that Melanie Griffith has. Maybe coke? And I wonder why she ruined those gorgeous eyebrows.

  2. Gregg Fridline

    I just don't understand it. I have a life long friend that has been beautiful her whole life, she is 50 now but still very beautiful. She had a certain look that mad her unique. Then all of a sudden she gets plastic surgery. I don't say anything but it does not look like her anymore. She was absolutely stunning even at 50. Why would she do that to herself, I don't understand.

  3. SB169885

    "I dont know why woen think duck lips looks good"—bitch..you will..at 55 when u r doing them…this chick is so arrogant….she thinks if she degrades women, then shes more accepted in the mens area..no bitch…you just have a vagina and tits..thats all…for a man….but i forogt: you have a stink ass attitude and dumb thoughts also..no man wants u.

  4. Skaarxiong1

    i don't know man, i ain't rich or a celeb and i definitely can't afford plastic surgery. however, i'm in my mid 40s and still look like i'm in high school. i can still get girls in their early 20s when i go to shows so i'm doing something right. the secret to eternal youth is, "be young, have fun, drink pepsi"…no no, that's a pepsi commercial, that's not it. listen to Rod Stewart, "forever young" 24/7…no no, that's not it either. i would shoot myself in the head after 20 mins. ah, i got it….Asian, "little, yellow, different." wait…that's Nuprin's slogan. ok, fine! Asian, the Cream of Sum Yun Guy. for just 500 bucks, chump change to all you celebs, i will cum to your house and jizz in your face. then you rub that in, all over, yeah, porno style. repeat as offend as needed and you'll see results (may varies) in just a few years. and money back not guarantee.

  5. Gigi Gigi

    Hey you…Chunky, blond gossip old lady …She really let herself go? Look at you…You have nothing to let go…it already went when you where born… LOL

  6. doitee52

    I don't know…..these people know things didn't turn out right, but to laugh at them??? Really? It's just not right…………..sorry.

  7. Yasmin E

    I think they become so sick of painting on lips and licking there teeth LOL.  Full lips are beautiful.  Duck lips are long and thin.  I haven't seen duck lips on anyone.  

  8. Jenna Mcclure

    yeah show pics of when they were 20 or 30 then after pics of them 55+ and think its all from plastic surgery… why dont you show the young ppl that have already ruined their looks… not ppl who are aging… smh

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