Celebrity Couples On-Screen & In Real Life

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The internet loves to ship celebrities, especially celebrities who play each others love interests on tv and I get it. I’m guilty of doing it myself! You fall in love with the idea of two characters on your favorite show or movie franchise being in love and their chemistry is so believable that you want them to make all the babies in real life. Well sometimes wishes come true and that chemistry translates to real flames. So today we’re breaking down a list of on and offscreen couples right here on Listed.

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12 Replies to “Celebrity Couples On-Screen & In Real Life”

  1. Grace Pigott

    Y’all need to stop shopping Zendaya and Tom. If they say they are not a couple, I just don’t see why people keep pushing it.

  2. Jassy Jones

    I don’t know why people ask why they put Tom and Zendaya on the list I mean their characters are getting together in Spider-Man and people ship them in real life

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