29 Replies to “Celebrity Awkward And Angry Moments With Fans And Paparazzi”

  1. Bruce Humphrey

    Being a paparazzi is the most pathetic job in the world. I mean you chase around celebrities to take pictures of them so you can pay your bills. All those paparazzis out there, get a fucking decent life you uneducated and unethical idiots.

  2. Pej Peeves

    Dude one picture won’t kill you with fans honestly they are the reason why u r even relevant. Ariana should’ve stepped out of that van and just taken a quick pic.

  3. Paige

    It’s ridiculous how people will do anything to get a video of 1 quarter of a celebrity’s just too have game to or to show of it’s ridiculous

  4. Angie v

    Leave these people alone did it to you I don't care if these famous people get mad get mad at you for you bothering them if I was a famous I will judge you them telling him to leave me alone I back away I am tired of these people I don't care Paparazzi galleries celebrity do what you got to do

  5. iirrelevant

    Inyourlap Alright. Let’s sit down, and talk how stupid this cmmt is. “Cheap celebs” where’s your Versace? Where’s your Gucci? Tell me. Oh , nevermind, it’s no where. “Deep down they know it’s useful” being harassed, IN PUBLIC, JUST TRYING TO LIVE THIER LIFE? “K. Jenner? What is she famous for apart from being someone’s sis or daughter.” This one makes me wanna scream.

    *she has thicc lips u will NEVER have.
    *rich. Pretty. Unlike some ppl. (Inyourlap)
    *actually has a life

    “Her life depends on pap. Why should we pity her?” Okay, WHY SHOULD WE PITY HER!?! R u even SERIOUS RN? SHES BEING TREATED LIKE AN ANIMAL. SHE IS A HUMAN BEING AND DESERVES RESPECT! SHES ON TV SHOW FOR THE PPL FOR GODS SAKE! She should be able too live her life without

    PEOPLE LIKE U. (Inyourlap)

    Oh, and the “” are what he said. In his cmmt.

  6. Stroker Ace

    I don't even know who most of these even are. Damn if only I gave a shit to turn on the tv and watch people who can't act or sing

  7. Billie Eilish Fan

    Celebrities are the people like us…why fans and paparazzi attaked them…they can't walk on the street because paparazzi always attaked them with pictures…i understeand to they can get angry

  8. Gracelike rain

    Lmao!!!! With nikis ass it was worse cuz she had these big ass grown men comin after her ass they was watching anaconda lmao they were like yeah jackin off with their old asses

  9. Tommy Casidy

    It sucks that the rich part has to come with the famous part for these people , Freedom and privacy is a very important part of life. In some ways us non famous people are richer than these celebrities.

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