Celebrities Without Makeup Prove They Look No Better Than Us

Celebrities Without Makeup Prove They Look No Better Than Us

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  1. You can definitely tell who wears a lot of makeup on a regular basis. Look at Tyra… I find it kind if sad that they put up a bunch of older actresses expecting everyone to say something horrible. We all get old eventually. Jessica Alba has some seriously good genes. I'm pretty sure she's my age.

  2. Well the only way this could be fair is if you posted your picture next to theirs… right out of bed. Alas, you didn't, so fuck off.

  3. Do you mean without fresh makeup on? Half of them are wearing lip gloss at the very least, and gaga has on eye makeup too! Just not as much as normal. They're still all very pretty.

  4. TBH half of them, I had no clue who they were (I'm old lol). The ones I knew still looked beautiful without makeup, and honestly, Lady Gaga should just go without makeup period!! She overdoes it to the point she just looks bizarre. Her costumes don't help in that area either.

  5. Everyone here is gorgeous naturally. It's nice to see tho their "real personality" without a mask of make up. Sofia V is the one that always surprises me how differently she looks.

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