Celebrities With A Dark Past You Don’t Know About! (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

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Celebrities With A Dark Past You Don’t Know About! (Gordon Ramsey , Bob Ross , Jerry Seinfeld)
What generally well liked celebrity or athlete has/had a dark past that many of us may not know about? (r/AskReddit)
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28 Replies to “Celebrities With A Dark Past You Don’t Know About! (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)”

  1. Kida Tash

    To be honest, I'm honestly surprised no one has mentioned Judy Garland .

    Judy Garland started performing when she was just a toddler and was reportedly bullied and mistreated immensely throughout her career as a teenager. To the point that for the Wizard of Oz, she developed a eating disorder and got addicted to dietary, not to mention had to go through cosmetic changes like caps for her teeth and rubberised discs for her nose at the time because the people on set bullied her immensely for her appearance as she didn't look as glamourous as her other Hollywood starlet counterparts at the time. To the point the studio chief Louis B. Mayer referred to her as his "little hunchback". Needless to say she was considered the "ugly duckling" , and for a young girl who was very self-conscious nd anxious about her looks, this basically emotionally damaged her for a very large chunk of her life. This is what set off a life long struggle with her self esteem and substance abuse issues. It didn't help that her father passed away from meningitis when she was just 13 years old, leaving just her and her two sisters with their mom, who was her manager.

  2. CosmicSpaceRat

    Damn, I feel bad for both Gordon and Ashton.

    I actually know how Gordon felt because I was also raised by an incredibly abusive father, although, my mum and my brother were also abusive, but less so. Due to this, I don't want anything to do with my family and I plan to change my full name to something entirely different and change my phone number.. maybe file a restraining order on, at least, my father.

  3. Hentz Kids

    james hetfield , the lead singer of metallica , had a father who left his family when he was just thirteen , and his mother passed away when he was sixteen . over the years , james has struggled with addiction , and he's been in rehab more than once . mad respect for him for continuing his dream no matter how bad his life can get .

  4. SickBoy

    The Arquette siblings were also raised in The Children of God cult, but unlike the Pheonix family, weren't lucky enough to avoid the long-term sexual abuse that occurred and had to escape on their own, without their parents.

  5. Antonio Martinez

    21 Savage
    – his brother died
    – 2 of his friends were shot and died on his birthday
    – he saw his uncle get shot in the head
    – he got expelled from school for bringing a gun to school so he wouldn't get jumped by his classmates

  6. MorallyAwkward

    Mathew Broderick was messing around with his girlfriend while driving, that’s what happened. A car going the opposite way saw him speeding by with his then girlfriend Jennifer Grey apparently “resting” near his lap. After they killed those two people, neither of the young stars would say anything about the accident claiming they both couldn’t remember anything. So don’t feel sorry for him, he’s a little evil piece of shit!

  7. David "d" Edwards

    How do people watch this shit? It’s utter garbage. I’d rather shove a knife sharpener in my ear and watch it come out the other than listen to this stupid fucking monotone robot voice. I mean seriously, ARE ANY OF THESE VIDEOS VOICED BY HUMANS??

  8. Isaac the Dragon

    I was bad… I ate my neighbor's fish and scared away my friend. Grew bitter during the final story… the fire was growing stronger. They should of left me dead. Let me die a hero. But the parent company insisted. I awoke in the cold, my miserable co-star in tow. Further down I went. Further I began to change. We were too late. I was angry… so fucking angry. The fire took me over inside. Made Carver pay. Fed upon him like a wolf among sheep! I saw my studio get shut down. The hideous curse placed upon my family all those years ago began to change me. Lost my mind… lost my humanity. Now I hide behind the trees beyond the bridge, and feed upon whatever creature chooses to get in my way. I forgot what I was before. I forgot what I used to fight for, who I considered my allies. All I had left was my first name, and mangled, horrific memories I could barely decipher. There is nothing left but the fire…

  9. verzögern

    Gordon is also really fucking kind! You probably know by how he treats people on Hell’s Kitchen. He so kind to waiters I fucking love him so much

  10. Donald Moxham

    Gordon Ramsey, though….just think about it. All that shouting and swearing and, er, creative insults become a lot less funny when you realize that he probably got all of that from his dad, who treated him like that.

  11. Haley

    If I remember correctly, Oprah had it really bad too before she became the amazing woman she is now: the was molested and assaulted as a child and had a premature son at 14 who died. Also her name is actually Orpah but went with Oprah because of how often it was mispronounced.

  12. orange soda

    johnny depp has gone through so much shit and is still able to be the nicest dude. i know a few people who have met him. great guy.

  13. Graham Kristensen

    Kind of an obscure one, but the rapper Cage had a pretty intense childhood.

    His father was in the military, but was dishonorably discharged for selling and using heroin. At age 8, his father held him and his mother hostage with a shotgun, which led to a day-long standoff with state troopers. After dropping out of high school, developing a drug addiction, and being sent to live with his uncle on a military base in Germany only to be sent back after a year, his mother convinced a judge he was clinically insane so he'd be sent to a mental institution instead of jail. While institutionalized, he was used as a guinea pig for new antidepressants, which nearly drove him to suicide. All of this happened before he was 18.

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