Celebrities/Stars of the 1970s and 80s:Then and Now Part 7

Celebrities/ Stars from the 1970s & 80s Then and Now
Series Playlist:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0FYobojej0&list=PL0bu06rTaZNOih9Kp8K8HPbNNNWw3-qTY

Conchata Ferrell
Lily Tomlin
Pierce Brosnan
Meridith Baxter
Gary Burghoff
Jean Bruce Scott
Nancy McKeon
Candice Bergen
Corben Bernsen
Joan Van Ark
Julia Roberts
Kelsey Grammer
Dwight Schultz
Veronica Hamel
Marla Heasley
Holland Taylor
Richard Dean Anderson
Glenn Close
Peter Scolari
David Hasselhoff
Rhea Perlman
Markie Post
Betty White
David Faustino
Lauren Tewes
Richard Moll
John Larroquette
Tyne Daly
Sharon Gless
Meg Foster
Michael Gross
Justine Bateman
Fred Grandy
Cindy Williams
Ted McGinley
Amanda Bearse
Penny Marshall

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27 Replies to “Celebrities/Stars of the 1970s and 80s:Then and Now Part 7”

  1. joe nock

    Sean baca said it right, at the end of the ride we all turn to dust, what is wrong with aging naturally? We all change with age, do the best you can, don't just sit on a rocking chair, I am 73stroke survivor, bike over an hour each day on my recumbent about17miles, I do not want to live my future with illnesses and obesity, I love life, the ride has been good and my exit will be good as well, happy thanksgiving everyone GOD is the answer

  2. Diane Morgan

    Of course, the elder men look great. WHY…..cuz they don't OVER do makeup, slathering it on more & more, to hide their aging…like females do….sad, cuz that over dobe makeup makes females look horrifying.

  3. Diane Morgan

    Meg Foster's eyes, always freaked me out. Stunning eye color…intense blue. Beautiful, but freaky, eerie…lol. Loved her in the 70-80's.

  4. Diane Morgan

    Betty White was always beautiful and classy…..still is! Now Betty is the epitome of what classy women SHOULD BE! Sadly, with perverse Hollywood, females change themselves to fit perverseness, selling the souls, to be a wanna-be. No self esteem, or self respect…very sad.

  5. Diane Morgan

    Wow….Holland Taylor is stunning! She looks better now, then before. She accepted aging, beautifully. Now….THAT is class!

  6. Diane Morgan

    Ewwwww….but at least Lily Toll on got more beautiful, with age! Blondes just don't age well. Especially when they spend all their (and men's money, glorified prostitutes)men's money, on fake bodies, bleached/straw hair, over tanning, cosmetic surgery, nails, pumping lips, etc….
    Guys: NEVER get involved with a narcissistic, vain female….as they USE you to support their vain obsessions. If they cannot accept themselves….evidence: the abive list….WHY would anyone accept them for who they are…when they are not who they are? Severe lack of self respect, low self esteem, insecurities, all drive these vain females to over do themselves, to hide their insecurities. Sad…what females of today, are doing to us real women…..sending us back to the 16th century. Sad.

  7. Brenda Drew

    Some of them look better today! Living proof that we can age like a bottle of fine wine! There's always hope! lol Thanks for sharing WR.

  8. Ruby

    I know Penny Marshall is gone now, but she looked like Jabba the hut, or whatever that creature was! 😦. I never followed that Star War stuff, or Star Trek.

  9. Not-so-smart aleck

    2:20Β  Apparently Julia Roberts works for Wells Fargo bank these days (bright red sign to the right of her head–I recognized the style/color of lettering).Β  I'll have to go in and talk to her about my checking account some time this week…

  10. Sean Baca

    At the end of the day… we will all return to dust. It's a fast ride, but a ride that cant be expressed using words… life is an experience so profound, I believe its etched into our souls for eternity.

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