Celebrities Reveal Real Names You Never Knew

Famous Celebs Whose Real Names Will Leave You Shook
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We treat celebrities like they’re bigger and better than us. After all, they get invited to some really sweet parties. They make tons of money, and they have fans worshipping the floor they walk on. But the truth is, their lives are just one big stage, much like their stage names. You didn’t think Lady Gaga’s last name was actually Gaga, did you? There are a lot of celebs just like her who were born with different names. Some of them are pretty mundane, which is probably why they came up with catchy stage names. Now, they won’t answer to their real names to save their lives. Meanwhile, we’re stuck with plain names like John or Jane for the rest of our lives. But do you think these celebs made the right call by changing their real names? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from TheTalko.

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22 Replies to “Celebrities Reveal Real Names You Never Knew”

  1. gacha gamer

    the one about helena?my teacher is better imagine my name is daniela(we do have a girl named daniela in our room) i have a classmate named roniella and there are two students named emerald and she can still call them cause theresa nick name emerald C./R.

  2. Cassandra Morrison

    Playwright Christopher Marlowe (author of plays like Doctor Faustus, and Tamerlane—see the film of Faustus starring Sir Richard Burton—the Welsh actor not the Explorer and Translator of The Arabian Nights and the Perfumed Garden of Sheikh Nefzawi among others) and his then wife Elizabeth Taylor as well as Ian Marter who played Harry Sullivan on Doctor Who during Tom Baker's era) was also called Kit.

  3. Levell Sims

    The craziest name is Belcales Alamanzar aka Cardi b (She chose that name bcuz either her parents or her friends idk Bacardi like the drink so she ditched the a and put the b at the end)

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