Celebrities’ Most Savage Moments

Celebrities’ Most Savage Moments
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25 Replies to “Celebrities’ Most Savage Moments”

  1. Seth Pujol

    Omg when Rihanna went off on the paparazzi talkin bout “”free tickets these nuts””!!😂🤣 oohh man she’s so sexy, I just wanna eat that ass!

  2. D. .B

    The way I immediately stfu when Nicki went on her rant. Shit felt like I was gonna get smacked into another dimention through the screen

  3. Massimo Squecco

    Nicki Minaj has the same wig as Naomi Campbell, the black sleek one, not the others. Do those ladies have natural hair on their heads? Bold Woman of the world united under the Dolly Parton's wigs union, for empowement, of course.

  4. Exciter Matronik

    i wish all these celebrities on this video would make good music. at least it would've made my watching it worth it : )

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