Celeb Careers Ruined By Leaked Footage

It can take years to build a reputation, but only a few seconds to ruin it. These are wise words for anyone, but for celebrities caught behaving badly, they hold a special sting. From expletive-filled rants to sordid conversations, these celeb careers were ruined by leaked footage.

Hollywood heavyweight Mel Gibson has had a major uphill PR battle ever since he was arrested for a DUI in 2006. After being cuffed and put into the backseat of a police squad car, he was caught on tape launching into an anti-Semitic verbal rant.

He later announced that he was going to rehab and issued not one but two apologies. But then in 2010, Gibson was again recorded, this time using racist language while threatening Oksana Grigorieva, his then-girlfriend and the mother of his child. After the audio leaked online, he was vehemently denounced by civil rights and anti-domestic violence advocacy groups.

Despite all that, he might somehow be in position for a comeback. In 2017, he attended the Oscars as a best director nominee for the war film Hacksaw Ridge. The following year, it was announced that the upcoming projects on his schedule included a remake of The Wild Bunch and, believe it or not, a sequel to The Passion of the Christ.

Watch the video for more Celeb Careers Ruined By Leaked Footage!

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David Hasselhoff | 1:17
Billy Bush | 2:10
Michael Richards | 2:59
Tiger Woods | 3:52

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25 Replies to “Celeb Careers Ruined By Leaked Footage”

  1. Steffy Hobmann

    Some of these celebrities and many more were abusive and hurtful towards others. David didn't intentionally hurt anyone!

  2. Lyly Waite

    Quite UK specific but Leslie Grantham would be a good one for this list. He was caught by an undercover reporter exposing himself and masturbating over webcam which lead to the killing off of his incredibly famous soap character Xx

  3. Patricia Guerrero

    I don't think David Hasslehoff should've been on that list! Alec Baldwin on the other hand… he should've been #1 on that list! Bullying his own child?! He's gross!

  4. Joyce Shaw

    As someone who watches Nicki Swift videos rather frequently, this particular video has turned me off. They went out of their way to mention events that show Eminem in a negative light. I didn't particularly care for Eminem, even when my son asked me to take him to see him during his most recent tour. However after the show I made it a point listen to his music, and while I still don't care much for some of his early stuff, I recognize his talent and I do like quite a bit of his music. I really do like and respect him as an artist. I feel it's incredibly unfair to Eminem that they fail to include as part of this clip the fact that at an early age he lost a cousin he was incredibly close to, and more importantly an incident that was so significant in his life that you can't help but admire him as a person more than as an artist. I'm referring to the time a classmate who bullied Eminem in elementary school threw a snowball at him in the restroom at school which had a rock in it. Eminem lay on the floor of the bathroom all day and was only discovered when his mother came to pick him up from school. I find it very hard to believe that all day not one student notified anyone in authority that this boy was lying injured in the boys boy's room. As horrible as it was that no school official missed him or discovered him, more tragic than that was that he was hospitalized and in a coma for at least a week. As a result of this incident, this young boy had to relearn many things. If I remember correctly he had to relearn things such as tying his shoes and learning to speak due to the injury sustained as a result of the assault and failure of school officials to notice that he was missing from his class and find him. I don't profess to be a medical professional, however , I do believe that had this boy received immediate medical attention he would not have had so much to overcome. The fact that this video was made indicates that research was done into Eminem's life. As this was a Nicki Swift video rather than some random individual who decided to just upload a video they made on this topic, means that this is presumably a professional Undertaking. Therefore, I must assume that the research into Eminem's life was done in a professional manner and this incident was discovered. Overcoming something like this is admirable for any individual, and for Eminem to endure the kind of hardships he has had to endure his whole life, and to achieve the kind of success he has is admirable. To know about this traumatic incident, made so much worse by the fact that this boy lay there injured all day and not one school official noticed is incredibly sad , but to realize what he had to overcome as a result of this experience is truly inspiring. That this video chooses to focus on his strained relationship with his mother and others, lawsuits he was involved in, and crimes Eminem was charged with while excluding the significant events in his life that demonstrate a strength of character perseverance and determination is incredibly unfair to Eminem. I speak as a middle- aged professional woman who recognizes this man has flaws, and not as an adolescent groupie who is awed the by the rapper that is Eminem. I feel this is important to point out so that those who read this comment understand it is not my admiration for this musician that motivates me, but rather my admiration for what this says about all this man, Marshall Mathers, has endured and overcome to achieve his dream. He did not let his circumstances and the tragedies in his life define him or cause him to give up. It is for these reasons he should be admired and his story should inspire others. It's not my intention to downplay the determination it took for Eminem to achieve his dream, however, I believe admiracion and inspiration should come from his Incredible strength of character in overcoming all that he's endured rather than because achieved success as a musician. By the way, for those of you who are unaware of this fact, Eminem is also a patriot with great respect for our military. I WILL NEVER AGAIN WATCH A NICKI SWIFT VIDEO.
    ** any inaccuracies concerning specifics associated with facts asserted with regard events in Eminem's life areunintentional

  5. Sylvia-Novella Underwood

    Alec Baldwin shouldn’t have still be allowed around his daughter. That man can be very aggressive and I still can’t believe that he verbally harassed and threatened his own child on the phone. If I were her, I get a restraining order on him

  6. Sylvia-Novella Underwood

    Mel Gibson disappoints me now cuz I used to always watch the Lethal Weapon films and Mad Max an now I am kinda scared of him now that I realize how he can be verbally abusive towards people when angered

  7. pink bubblegum

    Bush an trump
    Was men joking around talk
    Men talk like this like it or not it's not funny it's schoolboy talk dim tho it happens all the time
    Mel Gibson
    Private argument
    With his own partner

    David this sad
    Sure they was trying to help an at end of it more likely it did
    Tho he got his business out for ever online

    Temper is the issue we all have one
    Love forgiveness is the cure 💜

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