21 Replies to “Carrie Underwood – Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony – Live Stream”

  1. susan wilson

    She's so deserving and all that love her but I felt so sorry for her it's so rediculous what stars go thru she's pregnant and no one cared idk just bothered me

  2. Anna Stout

    Enjoyed watching Carrie Underwood receive her star on the walk of fame. As a fan loved to listen the words of Simon & Brad. Tears from Carrie shows how she listens & sings with her ❤. Beautiful. God Bless you always Carrie.

  3. Barbara Harris

    Carrie.iwich.you.came. being.your.song.to.st.mary.count.that.will.be.wondful.if.you.came.come.here.one.they.ihope.barbara.harris

  4. Tom Sawyer

    Every time I see her I think of the first time she appear on American idol and was telling the judge how excited she was to be on Television and was going to fly for the first time into a big city on a plane. She came from a small town Oklahoma living a farm life with no exposure and now she one of the biggest starts out their. So many hidden talents in this country and as time goes on we will discover them in so many ways

  5. Juan'Tom Jones

    Congratulations Carrie! You're so deserved this award for all your accomplishments in life and country music. Although I haven't had the pleasure to know you personally you appear to be an amazing women, wife, mom, daughter, friend and so much more to everyone who's a part of your life and you've had the pleasure to work with as well as them with you. I'm so proud of you and a huge fan. You're one of my favorites. It would be such an great honor to meet you one day. Stay humble,kind and sweet. That's why we love you so much. I know many more great things/accomplishments are ahead. Love you much!

  6. Emma Bullerpowell

    What a great thing to see how fare Carrie Underwood has come very proud of her
    I know her husband Mike very well I am from Peterborough Ontario and so is Mike we went to the same school and he is such a Nice man they are both lucky to have each other. Their little boy is so sweet.

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