Budget Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong | Botched | E!

From ice anesthetic to a Tijuana tummy tuck, check out some of the deadliest cheap procedures done south of the border that the “Botched” doctors have seen. Watch!

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“Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will be put to the test as they set out to correct damage done from plastic surgeries gone awry as they attempt to fix the unfixable and correct extreme, head-turning plastic surgery nightmares.

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Budget Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong | Botched | E!

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23 Replies to “Budget Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong | Botched | E!”

  1. J FF

    Bargain hunting for a surgeon – do these people think this surgery is like getting a facial? They don't seem to understand this is as invasive and serious as any other surgery. Moron.

  2. Carol Howard

    Really people …. going to 3rd world countries to save money on surgery ????? Where is people’s common sense ???? Ugh !!!

  3. medadisme

    The American health system boggles my mind! Sure, my elective cosmetic surgery cost me $10,000. And if things went sideways (excuse the pun), we have laws in place that would mean a free fix from any surgeon of my choice, once it was safe for surgery.
    But my emergency major brain surgery only cost me $1250.

  4. medadisme

    Holy hell! I had breast implants done here in Australia for $10,000. My surgeon was amazing! She's actually a micro-surgeon too, so i had huge trust in her. She even fixed my belly button as a "teaching tool" (with my approval prior to surgery), after an emergency appendectomy 6months early left me with none.

  5. Wyld Gypsy Lily

    You did need to cut some weight chick at 00:45. Get rid of him and find a guy that sees how beautiful you are. Two healthy kids. A loving mom. Men like that are super super insecure


    Moral of the story is, if you can’t learn to love yourself the way you are than save the money you need to get it done right by a good licensed professionals. Nobody saves up money anymore??

  7. Roger Balcer

    Totally karma for extreme vanity ! People should learn Mexico is the shithole of technology, reminiscent of the roll-N-tuck auto upholstery jobs the mexicanoes do with rolled up newspaper instead of real padding !

  8. Rodrigo

    These people are dumb, they are excellent doctors in Mexico, the issue is they went to w border city with the cheapest and shady doctor possible.

  9. Kelly Suzanne

    I would love to find a good surgeon and get a tummy tuck and a breast lift. It's too expensive though, I see all these people having surgery to look like aliens Barbie dolls, getting huge breast implants ECT. Going over board and just looking ridiculous, and it drives me crazy . If I had their money to have something done I would use it wisely lol. Guess these people are happy with themselves but it still looks crazy too me and is a waste of money on what they spend it for in my opinion .

  10. Vanessa Ruiz

    Mexico is not the one to blame, the only one with the fault is the people who chose to cross the border to go to cheap places, because like all these people said there are GREAT places to get this surgeries at, it’s your fault the moment you think, yeah let’s go to get surgery at a clandestine place, even if you were in the US, going to clandestine places is pretty stupid

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