28 Replies to “‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty Split”

  1. Sammy Ytube

    The very pretty, but flirty Demi was never going to commit full on to a female relationship.  I just never completely bought it as she would stare into space looking confused and won't even hold hands during interviews.  Sure they touched a lot during proposals, she said the right things and the make out for cameras.  But her body language was often pretty distance.  Any way, hope that they enjoyed that trip that Ellen gave them since they have to return those rings.  Seriously thought that they would have continued the pretense at least 6 months after BIP.  But I guess when the cameras were gone, Demi really just got bored. smdh.

  2. Luc Bordage

    commitement issues still. Demi please, Kristian is the one for you. Both of the proposals were meaningful, not just made for t.v.  (bip2020 wedding please.). D&K forever.

  3. shabrina z

    Omg so shocking.
    A girl that couldnt even figure out how to PDA with her girlfriend decided to fake engagement the next day.
    I did not see it coming

  4. jeje yay

    يعني ماني عارفة شواذ لزنبنيات …. لا ترسلوا الاشياء الغريبة ذي ارجوكم ارجوكم 🤢 انا عايزة ارجع خلااااص

  5. Luc Bordage

    We have to hear it from one or both of them. Is it a split or a break?  Hope they stay together, maybe later on in a few weeks or months.

  6. Alli Cozic

    The fake relationship written up by producers to be more LGBT-inclusive and a girl dying for more screen time and Instagram followers didn't even last until the next season started airing? wowwww. IM SHOCKED.

  7. theylied1776

    Seriously, is there anyone that actually thought anything about their relationship was real? It was FAKE! It was made up for the ratings!

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