Another Top 10 Celebrities With Terrible Plastic Surgery

Another Top 10 Celebrities With Terrible Plastic Surgery

With so much bad plastic surgery operations being taken up by celebrities, there is just too many entries for one list. Who has the worst plastic surgery? Whether they are botched breast implants, too much botox, bad butt implants, or a nose job gone wrong, we’ve got all of your favourite celebs right here with their discount plastic surgery jobs. Janice Dickinson, Heidi Montag, Priscilla Presley, Caitlyn Jenner and many more.

00:31 #10. Farrah Abraham
01:31 #9. Amanda Lepore
02:25 #8. Kenny Rogers
03:25 #7. Bruce Jenner
04:30 #6. Priscilla Presley
05:34 #5. Axl Rose
06:18 #4. La Toya Jackson
07:00 #3. #2. & #1. ????

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26 Replies to “Another Top 10 Celebrities With Terrible Plastic Surgery”

  1. Cammdc 1

    Catlyn Jenner is not a woman and will never be a woman.. he's a transwoman.. women have children and carry babies in their womb..

  2. Cammdc 1

    "….and she emerged a beautiful woman".. no he didn't hermer came out as a guy who chopped of it's junk and pretends to be a woman.. to amount of wishing and hoping and junk mutilation can make you something like say the opposite sex.. it's an insult to real women who have and carry babies.. something a man cannot do.. no matter what anyone says it's still a mental health problem wether people accept it as one or not..

  3. Warren Hertfelder

    I understand getting 1 or 2 if you don’t like something on your body, but there is a limit of how much it can take. I also understand doing surgeries for your health like my cousin getting a breast reduction because of her back pain.

  4. Savannah Nason

    I think I’m going to have to excuse Katelyn Jenner and Amanda Lepore because gender dysphoria is a bitch and feeling like you don’t pass or that you’re trapped looking the wrong way is a terrible thing and I don’t wish it on anyone. If it makes the dysphoria die down then I say power to them! Everyone else is a fail tho.

  5. Nightmares Frightmares

    I wonder who glorifies plastic surgery. Hmmm. 🤔

    The same people who judge others for looking "old". Cough cough society and the entertainment industry cough cough.

  6. Helluminati

    Janice can make herself all the plastic she can, but her disgusting and vulgar behavior and rough hag voice will unmask her true age and personality.

  7. Uhtread The unholy

    I guess all these folks have not been paying attention. It seems that there's only about a 5% chance that they will look better. Vanity is a terrible thing in showbiz

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